Enrollment Deposit

Incoming Undergraduate and Graduate

Incoming students must pay a $250 non refundable Enrollment Deposit to confirm their intent to enroll. Once your deposit is paid, your enrollment at CCS is confirmed and you will be automatically registered for classes. The Deposit Deadline is two weeks after receipt of your acceptance letter, or by May 1st for the September start term, whichever is later. Use your Student ID# to Pay your Deposit Online – your student ID# can be found on your admission decision letter.
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International Students

International student payments will be conducted through Flywire via the link on the Tuition Management Systems site.
Once you pay your Deposit, connect with the International Student Services Office to ensure all Visa application and Bank verification documents are in order.

All students who were recently admitted to the CCS Undergraduate or Graduate programs must deposit through the link above. Students who have attended as Precollege, Dual Enrolled or Continuing Education students must also use this link.

Policy Contact

School 1st Floor, Yamasaki Building Work Phone: 313.664.7435 Website: Business Services
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School Administration Building, 1st Floor Work Phone: 313-664-7425 Website: Admissions – Undergraduate – CCS Website
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Graduate Admissions
School Administration Building, 3rd Floor Work Phone: 313.664.7814 Website: Admissions – Graduate – CCS Website
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