Faculty-Led Study Abroad Proposal Process

Leading a faculty-led program is a unique opportunity to provide a high-impact, international learning experience for CCS students. Please follow this document to propose your program, or register your out-side organized program with the college.

A CCS faculty Led Study Abroad Program is defined in this document as three types:

  1. Faculty Led Course – A CCS credit based course designed, taught and led by CCS faculty and staff. Students are enrolled at CCS.
  2. Faculty Advertised program – A travel opportunity led by an out-side program, advertised to CCS students by CCS faculty and/or staff. Possibly taught by CCS faculty. Students are enrolled in an out-side organization. Students may be from other institutions as well. Credit may be earned, and transferred back to CCS.
  3. Faculty Led Trip – A non-credit excursion abroad led by CCS faculty/staff planned for CCS students only.


  1. Considerable lead time is needed to plan, and develop your program (we recommend 10 months to a year).
  2. Propose a trip or course in a location where you have a high level of expertise or experience/support.
  3. Consider logistical aspects of your destination for the ability to offer a highly organized itinerary and high quality academic experience.
  4. Consider the language requirement of traveling in your destination and how you will help students with this.
  5. Consider the responsibility of becoming a faculty leader. Your role will extend beyond instructor to include: recruiter, administrator, financial manager, institutional representative, crisis manager etc.
  6. Expect to be fully engaged in a significant amount of time-consuming logistical preparation.
  7. Do not sign any contract with out-side study abroad companies prior to approval
  8. You must submit your proposal to your Department Chair and the Dean in the Academic Affairs Office with ample time allowed for their internal review.

Deadlines (10 months prior):

Proposals submitted after the deadlines will not be accepted.

For programs planning to travel during:Proposal deadline for final submission to the Office of International Student Services, with signatures of approval from Chair and Academic Affairs Office.
Winter Break (Dec.)February of the same year
Spring Break (March)May of the previous year
Summer Term (May)July of the previous year
Fall Term (Sept. )November of the previous year


Section 1. Submit the following to your Department Chair:

  • General information, course title, course dates/duration, location and term
  • Credit amount & type (studio or liberal art), consider contact hours required: Studio=90, Liberal Arts= 45.
  • Course level requirement, prerequisite course requirements, selection criteria
  • Faculty Leader Information & Mission Statement
  • Secondary staff/faculty to travel if group enrolls 10 or more students* college policy
  • Approval form (for signature by Chair)

Section 2. Submit to the Dean in the Academic Affairs Office:

  • All above items
  • Approval form for signature

Section 3. Submit to International Student Services Office:

  • Approval form with all required signatures
  • Trip outline / Itinerary including all date, locations, potential housing, activities & transportation.
  • Budget Worksheet –This is very important and will be used to estimate cost for students include faculty travel costs. If credit is gained, and students will enroll in a CCS class please list this in the budget as well.
  • Course Syllabus
  • 5 Images for promotion
  • Contact information for company affiliates such as travel agencies, or other institutions that may be helping with the trip, hosting the trip or consulted on the planning
  • Any contracts in negotiation with out-side companies for review
  • A passage that will entice students to attend the course, or trip for campus advertising
  • Application procedure for student to attend (if any)

Final Proposal: The International Student Services Office will:

  • Assess Risk with the CCS Travel Risk Committee is there is a State Department Travel Advisory level 2, 3, or 4.
  • Sign or deny the approval form
  • Advise on next steps

Denied Proposals:

  • Should your program be denied, any travel continually pursued will be completely personal in nature and not affiliated with CCS in anyway.
  • Do not advertise personal travel to CCS students on campus
  • Proposals denied for High Risk Travel Destination Distinction should follow the High Risk Travel Procedure.

March 19, 2019

January 4, 2021

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