Electronic Identity


The Electronic Identitiy Policy defines criteria for granting and revoking access (through a login) to various information resources at CCS, which are provided as a means of promoting communications and supporting academic and administrative processes and workflows.

Accounts are granted and removed according to the following criteria:


New degree seeking students receive electronic credentials after they are admitted and retain them during their time at the college. At least once per year, inactive accounts are subject to deletion. An account is considered inactive if any of the following are true:

  • It has been at least one year since graduation.
  • The student has not attended CCS for four consecutive non-summer terms (i.e. meets criteria for re-admittance to the college).
  • An admitted applicant did not enroll at the College.

Continuing education/PCS students will have electronic accounts active during their time of enrollment. Accounts for CE students are subject to deletion if they do not maintain enrollment in consecutive terms.


Full-time faculty will receive an electronic account upon hire and will keep it during the term of employment. Adjunct faculty will receive an electronic account upon hire after an assignment to teach a course section has been recorded in the student information system. If adjuncts do not teach in consecutive semesters, their account may be deleted during those periods at the discretion of the Human Resources department. Faculty granted emeritus status will retain their electronic account privileges for life.


Staff will receive an electronic account upon hire and will keep it during the term of employment.

Standards and Responsibilities

Create hard to guess passwords (minimum 8 characters, mixed case, include a number or special character). Do not use easy to guess words or sequences like ‘password’, ‘qwerty’, ‘12345’, etc.

Do not share or disclose passwords to anyone. Exception: upon request, you may disclose to ITS staff directly engaged in the performance of their legitimate duties. In this case, change the password upon completion of the matter.

Never use someone else’s credentials.

Do not reuse the password you use at CCS for other non-related systems.

Immediately change your password if you think your account has been compromised. Also contact the CCS helpdesk to report the concern.

Use administrative privileges only as necessary for legitimate College purposes. Never use an administrative account to read email, surf the web, etc. Use the least privilege possible for any task.

Never leave an unlocked device logged in and unattended. Lock your system/screen when stepping away from your computer.

June 22, 2019

September 21, 2020

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