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Name Title Phone Department
HelpDesk * Call this number for technical support 313-664-7818 Canvas Help, Information Technology Services
Wellness Center * Appointments 313-664-7830 Wellness and Personal Counseling
Sara Abbate Program Manager 313-664-7446 Craft and Material Studies
Matthew Ainsworth AV Evening Supervisor 313-664-7849 Academic Technologies, AVS
Melinda Anderson Creative Director 313-664-1497 Design Core Detroit
Heather Anger Clay Modeling Coordinator 313-664-1615 Transportation Design
Ryan Ansel Executive Director Educational Technology and Innovation 313-664-1425 Canvas Help, Educational Technology and Innovation, LMS Review Committee
Amy Armand Director of Recruitment 313-664-7426 Admissions
Gil Ashby Associate Professor 313-664-7662 Illustration
Nadine Ashton Dean of Academic Affairs 313-664-1495 Academic Affairs
Brad Ather Systems Technician 313-664-7639 Information Technology Services
Ebitenyefa Baralaye Assitant Professor 313-664-7453 Craft and Material Studies
Nicole Barbour Director, Academic Facilities 313-664-7485 Academic Facilities
Rachel Barker Assistant Manager 313-664-1161 Bookstore – Taubman
Heather Barnhart Academic Advisor for Advertising Design, Art Practice, Communication Design, Craft and Material Studies, & Undeclared 313-664-7691 Academic Advising & Registration
Anne Beck VP Administration & Finance 313-664-7473 Executive Office, LMS Review Committee
David Bentley Associate Professor 313-664-7604 Entertainment Arts
Lynn Blasey Coordinator 313-664-1545 Community Arts Partnership
Christopher Blitz Asst. Dir. Database and Donor Services 313-664-7664 Institutional Advancement
Alyssa Bogdan Technicain, Wood Shop 313-664-7682 Academic Facilities
Katelyn Borbely Technical Services Librarian 313-664-7632 Library
Lisa Brejnak Programmer Analyst 313-664-7610 Information Technology Services
Mikel Bresee Director 313-664-1546 Community Arts Partnership
Paul Briles Video Producer 313-664-7918 Institutional Advancement
John Brock Multimedia Strategies Specialist 313-664-7844 AVS, LMS Review Committee
Lauren Brooks Department Coordinator 313-664-7843 Pre-College
Mike Bruggeman Sr. Director of Facilities and Safety & Security 313-664-1440 Campus Security – Ford, Campus Security – Taubman, Facilities at CCS
Tyanna Buie Assistant Professor 313-664-7488 Art Practice
Jerome Burns Director, Audio Visual Services 313-664-7645 AVS, Model, Prop, and Costume Office
Cydney Camp Business Manager 313-664-1459 Design Core Detroit
Katherine Campbell Director 313-664-7448 International Student Services
Leith Campbell Technician, Metalshop + Foundry 313-664-7685 Academic Facilities
Mathew Catanese Director 313-664-7497 Financial Aid
Lisa Catani Chair / Assistant Professor 313-664-7817 Liberal Arts
Laura Cavanagh Admissions Counselor 313-664-7821 Admissions
Aki Choklat Chair / Professor 313-664-1641 Fashion Accessories Design
Nichole Christian Communications & Events Coordinator 313-664-1155 Kresge Arts in Detroit
Matt Chung Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships and Programs 313-664-7917 Institutional Advancement
Hannah Clark Admissions Events Coordinator 313-664-7823 Admissions
Joshua Conley Academic Systems Specialist 313-664-7418 Information Technology Services
Colleen Coughlin Database Administrator/Analyst 313-664-7424 Information Technology Services
Kathy Covyeau Coordinator 313-664-7408 Facilities at CCS
Greg Darby Associate Professor 313-664-1622 Product Design
Shima Darby Administrative Assistant Campus Security – Ford, Campus Security – Taubman, Facilities at CCS
Miah Davis Development Assistant 313-664-7465 Institutional Advancement
Jill Davis Executive Assistant, Graduate Studies 313-664-1472 Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies
Dayna Davis Interim Executive Program Manager
Program Manager – Entertainment Arts
313-664-7698 Academic Affairs, Entertainment Arts
Corrin Davis Coordinator 313-664-7449 International Student Services
Leanne Dawood HR Generalist 313-664-7854 Human Resources
Sue Day Manager, Academic Technology Services 313-664-1503 Information Technology Services
Rachel DeBoard Print Services Supervisor 313-664-1511 Imaging Center
Christina deRoos Director, Kresge Arts 313-664-1151 Kresge Arts in Detroit
Carlos Diaz Professor 313-664-7656 Photography
Raquel Diroff Director Human Resources 313-664-7651 Human Resources
Peter Dunn Technician 313-664-7633 Foundations
Heather Earnley Program Manager 313-664-1626 Product Design
Andrea Eckert Career Advisor
Oversees Art Practice, Craft & Material Studies, Entertainment Arts, Illustration, Photography
313-664-7690 Career Development
Erin Ellis-Sliwinski Administrative Assistant 313-664-1534 Pre-College
Mac Elmore IT Savy Performer 313-664-7487 Information Technology Services
Jeff Else Assistant Manager 313-664-7443 Bookstore – Yamasaki
Gabrielle Engater Technician, Metalshop + Foundry 313-664-7485 Academic Facilities
Susan Enright Manager, Admissions Events 313-664-7427 Admissions
Todd Erickson Director Exhibit Services 313-664-7411 Exhibitions and Public Programs
Sally Erickson Wilson Chair MFA Color + Materials Design / Assoc. Professor 313-664-1468 Graduate Studies
Sean Evans Manager Application Services 313-664-7668 Canvas Help, Information Technology Services, LMS Review Committee
Olivia Ezinga Admissions Counselor 313-664-7824 Admissions
Bonnie Fahoome Director of Business Services 313-664-1479 Design Core Detroit
Mark Fanning Accounting Specialist – Student Accounts 313-664-7439 Business Services
Rick Ferdig Consultant LMS Review Committee
Jennifer Fitzpatrick Assistant Professor 313-664-7815 Foundations
Tim Flattery Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Professor 313-664-7696 Academic Affairs, Entertainment Arts
Carolyn Forgacs Program Manager 313-664-7640 Art Education, Liberal Arts
Greg Fraser Director 313-664-7660 Information Technology Services, LMS Review Committee
Katie Gaither Director of Student Engagement 313-664-7688 Student Affairs, Student Engagement
Auskile Gardner Program Coordinator 313-664-1153 Kresge Arts in Detroit
Brian Gasperosky Systems Analyst 313-664-7611 Information Technology Services
David Gazdowicz Chair / Associate Professor 313-664-7699 Entertainment Arts
David Gerlach Academic Systems Technician 313-664-1502 Information Technology Services
Laura Gibson Program Manager 313-664-7490 Photography
Colleen Gillies-Golden Program Manager 313-664-1626
Carla Gonzalez Director of Undergraduate Admissions 313-664-7431 Admissions
Eduardo Gonzalez Special Programs Liaison 313-664-1551 Community Arts Partnership
Heather Good Assistant Director 313-664-7440 Business Services
Natasha Granger Student Engagement Coordinator 313-664-1549 Community Arts Partnership
Daniel Greco Digital Designer 313-664-7479 Institutional Advancement
Steve Guerra Technician, Model Shop 313-664-1608 Academic Facilities
Alecia Haney Associate Director of Foundation Relations 313-664-7461 Institutional Advancement
Rebecca Hanna Residence Life Coordinator 313-664-7805 Housing, Student Affairs
Josh Harrell Assistant Professor 313-664-7847 Entertainment Arts
Ryan Harrison Director of Residence Life 313-664-7678 Housing, Student Affairs
Kimberly Harty-Scott Chair/Section Chair/Assistant Professor 313-664-7447 Craft and Material Studies
Ann Hawkins Residence Life Coordinator 313-664-1520 Housing, Student Affairs
Robert Hewitt Manager Photo Facilities 313-664-7658 Photography
Julie Hingelberg Vice President for Enrollment & Student Serv 313-664-7494 Enrollment Services
Kristin Homuth Language Support Specialist 313-664-1464 Graduate Studies
Kirsten Huff Assistant Director
Oversees Advertising, Communication Design, Fashion Accessories Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Transportation Design, MFA Color & Materials Design, MFA Integrated Design, MFA Interaction Design, MFA Transportation Design
313-664-7878 Career Development
Vincenzo Iavicoli Professor 313-664-1621 Product Design
Phil Irick Supervisor-Taubman Center Facilities 313-664-1422 Facilities at CCS
Kunihisa Ito Professor 313-664-1605 Transportation Design
Renee Jarmolowicz Administrative Assistant 313-664-7425 Admissions
Valerie Jenkins Chair / Professor 313-664-7486 Art Practice
Chido Johnson Sect Chair / Associate Professor 313-664-7489 Art Practice
Aletha Jordan Assistant to the Vice President 313-664-7475 Executive Office
John Kaloustian Associate Professor 313-664-1612 Product Design
Hojoon Kang Assistant Professor 313+664-1624 Transportation Design
Eric Kaster Assistant Director of Admissions – Transfer 313-407-6739 Admissions
Brandi Keeler Assistant Director of Admissions 313-664-7429 Admissions
Don Kilpatrick Interim Undergraduate Studies Co-Leader
Chair / Associate Professor
313-664-7603 Academic Affairs, Illustration, LMS Review Committee
Kristen Koch Program Manager 313-664-1645 Communication Design, LMS Review Committee
Kelly Kossuth Program Manager 313-664-1600 Transportation Design
Katie Kunesh Art Director 313-664-7892 Institutional Advancement
Karen LaDucer Registrar / VA School Certifying Official 313-664-7671 Academic Advising & Registration
Ian Lambert Dean of Graduate Studies 313-664-1474 Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies
Susan LaPorte Chair / Professor 313-664-1646 Communication Design
Lauren Lawrence Program Manager 313-664-1665 Advertising Design
Amy Lazet Digital Scholarship Librarian 313-664-7629 Library
Alex Lees Technical Infrastructure Engineer 313-664-1415 Information Technology Services
Kate Lees Director of Communications 313-664-7919 Institutional Advancement
Annie Loechle Academic Advisor for Entertainment Arts 313-664-7875 Academic Advising & Registration
Daniel Long Dean of Students 313-664-7675 Student Affairs
Patricia Longo Assistant Director of Human Resources 313-664-7650 Human Resources
Brooke Lowe Library Access Services Manager 313-664-7648 Library
Larry Lunsford Assistant Director 313-664-1550 Community Arts Partnership
Alissa Lusky Clinical Therapist 313-664-7412 Student Affairs, Wellness and Personal Counseling
Amy Mackens Library Assistant 313-664-7803 Library
Tom Madden Sect Chair/Professor 313-664-7627 Craft and Material Studies
Doug Malone Associate Professor 313-664-7482 Foundations
Jessica Malouf Marketing & Communications Manager 313-664-1471 Design Core Detroit
Dan Marchwinski Assistant Professor 313-664-7811 Foundations, LMS Review Committee
Melanie Martin Assistant Director of Wellness and Counseling 313-664-7838 Student Affairs, Wellness and Personal Counseling
Troy Martin Campus Facilities Manager 313-664-7868 Facilities at CCS
Greg Mauch Supervisor-Ford Campus Facilities Facilities at CCS
Phillip McAvoy Assistant Professor 313-664-1668 Advertising Design
Melissa McCann Assistant Professor Entertainment Arts
Elena McCann-Arnaoutova Chair 313-664-7812 Foundations
Brianna McClendon Outreach Manager 313-664-1487 Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Katie McGowan Managing Director 313-664-1150 Kresge Arts in Detroit
Kerri McKay Director 313-664-7441 Business Services
Mary McNichols Professor 313-664-7644 Liberal Arts
Shannon McPartlon Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and Programs 313-664-7460 Institutional Advancement
Henley Melvin Program Manager 313-664-1481 Design Core Detroit
Megan Mesack Director of Marketing 313-664-7666 Institutional Advancement
Anthony Miceli Director of Graduate and International Admissions 313-664-7814 Admissions
Allison Molesworth Counselor
Last Names L-Z
313-664-7468 Financial Aid
Kristine Morgenstein Scholastic Coordinator 313-664-7621 Admissions
Glen Morren Manager 313-664-1162 Bookstore – Taubman
Todd Morrison Technician, Model Shop 313-664-1616 Academic Facilities
Tracy Muscat Vice President for Institutional Advancement 313-664-7864 Institutional Advancement
Katherine Naini Manager and Academic Coach 313-664-7858 Center for Tutoring and Writing
Ayman Nassir Counselor
Last Names A-K, Work Study Coordinator all students
313-664-7496 Financial Aid
Brigette Neal Administrative Assistant 313-664-7470 Executive Office
Sabrina Nelson Senior Admissions Counselor 313-664-7432 Admissions
Jeremy Noonan Associate Professor 313-664-7452 Craft and Material Studies
Erin Norris Digital Specialist 313-664-7463 Institutional Advancement
Scott Northrup Assistant Professor 313-664-7848 Entertainment Arts, Photography
Tanecia Nunlee Director, Academic Advising 313-664-7405 Academic Advising & Registration
Nurse Nurse 313-664-7982 Student Affairs
Eleanor Oakes Assistant Professor Photography
Sandra Olave Sabbagh Chair / Associate Professor 313-664-1636 Interior Design
Erik Olson Associate Professor 313-664-7605 Illustration
Christine Osinski CRM System Admin and Communications Manager 313-664-7873 Admissions
Rebecca Pad Director, Library 313-664-7641 Canvas Help, Library, LMS Review Committee
Watson Peacock All Around Fine Mascot 313-664-7879 Student Affairs
Michelle Peck Manager, Print Services 313-664-1510 Imaging Center
Michelle Perron Founding Director 313-664-7806 Kresge Arts in Detroit
Nicole Peterson Program Coordinator 313-664-1152 Kresge Arts in Detroit
Lisa Poszywak Generalist 313-664-7652 Human Resources
Matt Raupp Associate Professor 313-664-1652 Communication Design
Theadus Reeves Department Administrator 313-664-7458 Pre-College
Chad Reichert Associate Professor 313-664-1651 Communication Design
Jennifer Renaud Payroll Administrator 313-664-7478 Business Services, Payroll Office
Alexis Ridener Event Coordinator 313-664-7863 Institutional Advancement
Hailee Ridge International Academic Advisor 313-664-7428 International Student Services
Lisa Rigstad Program Manager 313-664-7655 Art Practice
Caitlin Rinta Cashier 313-664-7435 Business Services
John Rizzo Manager, Wood Shop 313-664-7682 Academic Facilities
Duane Robinson Accounting Specialist-Accounts Payable 313-664-7436
James Rogers Jr. Mail Clerk 313-664-7646 Facilities at CCS
Thomas Roney Professor 313-664-1603 Transportation Design
Maria Luisa Rossi Chair MFA Integrated Design / Professor 313-664-1473 Graduate Studies
Amy Ruopp Chair / Professor 313-664-7484 Art Education, LMS Review Committee
Katie Rusak Director of Advancement Operations 313-664-7861 Institutional Advancement
Dena Ryniak Manager 313-664-1441 Campus Security – Ford, Campus Security – Taubman
Dan Ryniak Manager Taubman Center Facilities 313-664-1419 Facilities at CCS
Neal Sackey Manager, Model Shop 313-664-1607 Academic Facilities
Brian Sanders General Manager 248-595-9800 Continental
Gretchen Sawatzki Interim Executive Program Manager
Program Manager – Illustration
313-664-7602 Academic Affairs, Illustration, LMS Review Committee
Robert Schefman Associate Professor 313-664-7694 Foundations
Patrick Schiavone Chair / Professor 313-664-1625 Product Design
Rob Schmieder Manager Network Services 313-664-7669 Information Technology Services
Ellie Schneider Deputy Director 313-664-1469 Design Core Detroit
Stephen Schock Professor 313-664-1623 Product Design
April Segedi Assistant Director of Admissions 313-664-7813 Admissions
Anjali Sharma CRM System Support 313-664-7483 Admissions
Jody Shipper Title IX Coordinator 313-664-7676 Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Ellen Shuster Office Manager 313-664-7672 Academic Advising & Registration
Kelly Slank Assistant Professor 313-664-1639 Interior Design
Paul Snyder Chair – Associate Professor 313-664-1601 Transportation Design
Anthony Spangler Associate Director of Individual Givng/Alumni Relations 313-664-7462 Institutional Advancement
Melanie Speelman Database and Donor Relations Coordinator 313-664-7863 Institutional Advancement
Amy Spencer Email Marketing Specialist 313-664-7827 Admissions
Patti Spencer Regional Recruiter 313-495-3144 Admissions
Steve Stanchfield Assistant Professor 313-664-7492 Entertainment Arts
Olga Stella Director 313-664-1498 Design Core Detroit
Jane Stewart Director 313-664-7457 Pre-College
Anna Stolarski Program Manager 313-664-1475 Graduate Studies
Michael Stone-Richards Associate Professor 313-664-7894 Liberal Arts
Linnea Stromer Graduate Admissions Assistant 313-664-7816 Admissions, Graduate Admissions
Janine Surma Assistant Registrar/Advising Support Specialist 313-664-7674 Academic Advising & Registration, LMS Review Committee
Scott Tallenger Shop Technician 313-664-1642 Fashion Accessories Design, Interior Design
Mary Tarte Accounting Specialist – Purchasing and Assets 313-664-7451 Business Services
Amber Thomas Associate Director Transfer and Academic Partnerships 313-664-7422 Admissions
Allison Thomas Accounting Specialist – Accounts Payable 313-664-7436 Business Services
Denise Thomas Director of Campaigns and Major Gifts 313-664-7984 Institutional Advancement
Lorraine Thomas Program Manager 313-664-7695 Foundations
Tonya Thomas Director of Educational Technology and Innovation 313-664-1426 Canvas Help, Educational Technology and Innovation
Brittany Thomasson Coordinator 313-664-7466 Career Development
Tina Tomicic Program Manager 313-664-1640 Fashion Accessories Design, Interior Design
Daniel Tompkins Network Systems Administrator 313-664-7609 Information Technology Services
Sadie Trichler Library Technician 313-664-7642 Library
Patti Trombly Coordinator 313-664-7879 Housing, Student Affairs
Thomas Turoczi Academic Advisor for Fashion Accessories Design, Interior Design, Product Design, & Transportation Design
AICAD Exchange Coordinator
313-664-7832 Academic Advising & Registration
Donald Tuski President 313-664-7474 Executive Office
Holly Tylenda Manager and Academic Coach 313-664-7862 Center for Tutoring and Writing
William Tyrrell Technician, Wood Shop/Metal Shop 313-664-7682 Academic Facilities
Troy Uyematsu Manager Technology Infrastructure 313-664-7831 Information Technology Services
Vacant HR Coordinator 313-664-7853 Human Resources
Francis Vallejo Assistant Professor 313-664-7606 Illustration
Emily VanWormer Health Resource Manager 313-664-7830 Student Affairs, Wellness and Personal Counseling
Cleber Vieira Assistant Professor Transportation Design 313-664-1617 Transportation Design
Bill Vilicenti Associate Professor 313-664-7681 Photography
Sasha Walker Assistant Director of International Admissions 313-664-7433 Admissions
Lillien Waller Writer, Marketing & Communications 313-664-7653 Institutional Advancement
Tracey Walton Senior Accountant 313-664-7883 Business Services
Matt Watrous Systems Administrator 313-664-7469 Information Technology Services
Ashlei Watson Director of Academic Research 313-664-1485 Academic Affairs
Valerie Weiss Director of Wellness and Counseling Services 313-664-7852 Student Affairs, Wellness and Personal Counseling
Kiana Wenzell Project Manager 313-664-1482 Design Core Detroit
Jason White Assistant Professor 313-664-1602 Transportation Design
Lauren Williams 313-664-1647 Communication Design
Sandra Wilson Executive Assistant 313-664-7471 Executive Office
RaeAnne Woodman Model Coordinator 313-664-7608 AVS, Model, Prop, and Costume Office
Deirdre Young Assistant Dean for Institutional Equity and Inclusion 313-664-1489 Academic Affairs, Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Raphael Zammit Chair MFA Transportation Design / Associate Professor 313-664-1604 Graduate Studies, LMS Review Committee
Mark Zapico Associate Professor 313-664-1667 Advertising Design
Amber Zundel Social Media Manager 313-664-7916 Institutional Advancement
Campus Security – Taubman Main Number 313-664-1444 Campus Security – Ford, Campus Security – Taubman
Campus Security – Ford Main Number 313-664-7444 Campus Security – Ford
AARO Staff Academic Advisor for Illustration, & Photography 313-664-7673 Academic Advising & Registration
Peer Tutor currently working remotely 313-664-7680 Center for Tutoring and Writing