Student Fundraising

From time to time, CCS students and faculty conduct fundraising drives such as bake sales, glass sales etc. to support departmental needs not covered by the CCS operating budget. This policy serves as a guideline when planning these events.


Students should first complete the Event Request Form and submit to Student Life for approval. Student Life can either approve the event or pass it along to IA if it’s necessary for additional input. Student Life has the authority to approve events such as bake and glass sales.

Potential Donors

IA must approve any solicitations to individuals or businesses/corporations for cash or any other gift in order to best manage any existing relationships.


Gifts made to the College to support fund raising events for specific departments must be made by cash or check only. If donor wants to contribute directly to a fund via credit card, they should be directed to call the Business Office or IA. Funds will be deposited into a temporarily restricted account at the CCS business office established by IA. IA has duplicate copy receipts for your use. Gifts should be deposited with the CCS Business Office. Acknowledgments letters will be generated by IA.


  • Per CCS Alcohol Policy as published in the student handbook Students:
    CCS employees and guests, regardless of age, are expected to refrain from the possession, consumption or transportation of alcoholic beverages while on any part of the campus. The use of alcoholic beverages will be permitted, for individuals 21 years of age or older, only within the approved designated area of events coordinated by the Office of Institutional Advancement or Executive Office.
  • This policy extends to any student event on or off campus, prohibiting consumption or serving of alcohol.


Silent and live auctions cannot contain alcohol unless a license is obtained from the State of Michigan. This process takes CCS Board of Trustee approval, a minimum of 90 days to complete. Note that the tax deductible value is the winning bid price minus the Fair Market Value of item.


Raffles must be licensed through the State of Michigan and have strict requirements that must be followed. In most cases, raffles will not be allowed to occur.

Use of the CCS logo, branding or any other logo associated with the College must be approved by the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Off Site Fundraising Events

Off-site fundraising events will not be endorsed or supported by CCS.

Crowd Funding

  • Any online crowd funding i.e.: Kickstarter, should be communicated to IA. The College’s name and logo should not be used.
  • Students not abiding by this policy are subject to the Student Disciplinary Procedure.

May 22, 2019

October 11, 2022

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