Remote Work Arrangement (RWA) Guidelines

General Information and Guidelines for CCS Staff

(July 2021)


The College for Creative Studies (CCS) is committed to providing an in-person learning environment with face-to-face experiences for students and employees. An energetic in-person campus is necessary to learning and creating an engaging and dynamic campus culture. The College also recognizes the benefits of offering a remote work option for up to two days per week to some of its employees under appropriate circumstances and has established the Remote Work Arrangement (RWA) Guidelines. By allowing for remote work arrangements, CCS may be able to retain valued employees, attract quality applicants, increase productivity, improve morale, and optimize use of office space.

The RWA option is a six (6) month temporary pilot program, subject to be continued as is, with modifications or discontinued.


All academic and student support offices must be open and staffed for in-person assistance Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Supervisor approval is necessary for all RWA requests. Supervisors must provide, in writing on the RWA Request Form, their decision to approve or deny an RWA request. Any such decision should be based on the guidelines set forth below.

Guidelines for Supervisors

  1. Supervisors must determine an employee’s suitability for an RWA based on:
    • The nature of the employee’s position and the need for face-to-face interaction with students, co-workers, faculty, and clients/customers or vendors. Some positions do not qualify for RWA due to the nature of the work performed.
    • How student/faculty/staff/external partner interaction may be affected by an employee’s RWA.
    • The likelihood the employee will be able to perform the essential functions of the position while on an RWA at the same or higher level of performance as when not on an RWA.
    • The employee’s performance and disciplinary history. Employees with current performance or disciplinary concerns may not be eligible for an RWA.
  1. Remote Work Arrangements cannot exceed two days per week. RWAs are subject to be continued/discontinued, suspended, or modified at any time at the discretion of the supervisor. RWAs can also be discontinued if the College changes or terminates its policy with regard to RWAs.
  2. Supervisors should be careful to avoid unfairly distributing work to other employees in order to accommodate another employee’s RWA. An employee on an RWA is responsible for performing all of their own job duties.

Guidelines for Employees Seeking a Remote Work Arrangement

All employees should discuss their potential eligibility for an RWA with their supervisor. Eligible employees are required to submit the Remote Work Arrangement Form to their supervisor for consideration.

Employees Who Seek an RWA Must Comply with the Following:

  1. If working remotely, understand the expectations to perform your job duties remain the same as if you are working from your office (e.g., attend meetings remotely, interface with your co-workers as required, be responsive during established work hours, and complete assigned work timely).
  2. An RWA should not cause additional work for co-workers or your supervisor.
  3. Be available to work in person on campus if requested.
  4. Remote working cannot be used as an alternative method to provide dependent care. Employees need to ensure that dependent care responsibilities do not interfere with their agreed upon work schedule or completion of work.
  5. Employees accept responsibility for maintaining the security and confidentiality, if required, of all work-related information, data, documents, and other materials kept at their remote workplace or stored on personal electronic equipment. In the event of a breach of security or if CCS information is lost or stolen, the employee will immediately report the incident to their supervisor.
  1. For remote work, familiarize yourself with remote access and accessing your voicemail from off campus.

Extreme Winter Weather and Other Emergency Closures

In the event of a campus closure due to severe weather or other emergencies, the process for an employee working under an RWA is the same as it is with employees under a non-RWA. If the campus is closed, employees are not expected to work unless they have been identified by their supervisor as a critical infrastructure worker.

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