Library – Gift Donation

All multi-title gift donations must be approved by the Library Director before receipt of materials from the donor. Additionally, potential material sample donations for the Color and Materials Library must be reviewed by the Color and Materials Librarian before they will be accepted into the collection. Due to limited space and resources, CCS Libraries must be highly selective when accepting and receiving gift materials.

A complete inventory list ahead of a donation is required for staff review in order to determine if the donation meets CCS Libraries donation criteria (see below). Library staff will not accept items that are outside the pre-approved materials identified from the inventory list. In the event that the donation enhances our collections, we will coordinate further with the donor.

Please note, as all items are added to the general collection, we cannot maintain separate named collections.

Criteria for donations

  • Materials do not duplicate current holdings
  • Supports the curricular goals of CCS academic departments
  • Supports the research needs of faculty and students
  • Expands the breadth or depth of current holdings on subject area 

Materials we typically will not accept

  • Duplicate copies of materials already in the collection 
  • Print periodicals and magazines 
  • Print auction catalogs 
  • Newspapers
  • Textbooks (except for current editions used in courses)
  • Unsolicited estate donations 
  • Walk-in donations or unapproved “drop-offs”

February 11, 2021

February 11, 2021

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