Guided Study

The Guided Study is designed for courses with enrollment of three – seven students. Guided Study courses are focused learning opportunities for a smaller class size, structured in a 15-week format.

The Guided Study is intended to be used as follows:

  • An alternative to low enrollment/course cancellation requested by the Department or recommended upon course cancellation review.
  • For use with “core classes” that are not offered in a given term, and impact a student’s graduation timeline (required for a small group of students to move forward in their program and maintain satisfactory academic progress/credit completion towards degree).
  • For use with course sections that are not required for first time freshmen or first year requirements. First year students should maintain the original course instruction and delivery mode within their initial registration.

Special projects/topics that are designed to cover a specialized area not included in the current program should be submitted as “Special Projects”, not a Guided Study.

If a student is requesting to study an area not otherwise required or offered in their program, an  Independent Study proposal should be requested following the proper guidelines and criteria for eligibility.

The Department Chair or Program Manager must submit Guided Studies on the course tally or via the Schedule Course Change Form for approval. Exceptions to this policy will be determined by Academic Affairs.

Faculty Guidelines

Once Academic Affairs provides approval and the instructor for the Guided Study is determined, the faculty member must write the syllabus or use the existing syllabus for the course being replaced with educational goals, learning outcomes, meeting dates, course expectations, grade weighting, timelines and use the same day/time dates.

Full-time faculty members may teach one guided study per semester in addition to their course load. Adjunct faculty may teach 2 guided studies per semester as long as they do not exceed an overall 28 hours per week.  

It is typical that faculty meet with their students bi-weekly in order to achieve appropriate contact hours which can be executed through in-person or online synchronous and asynchronous delivery.

Adjunct Instructor Pay Structure

½ pay of an L1 – lecture, less than five years experience
½ pay of an L5 – lecture, more than five years experience
½ pay of an S1 – studio, less than five years experience
½ pay of an S5 – studio, more than five years experience

Full-Time Faculty Pay Structure

Full-Time Faculty teaching a Guided Study as part of their course load will not receive additional compensation. In the event that Full-Time Faculty teach a Guided Study beyond their three required courses, they will receive half of L5 or S5 pay.

Instructional Methods

Guided Study – Lecture (GSL)
Guided Study – Studio (GSS)

Course Title on Section would be changed to: GS: Course Title
Course Tally Meeting Times – Change to Bi-weekly on the Section Level. 
Course capacities will be limited to seven seats

Course Description

Guided Study courses are focused learning opportunities for a smaller class size, structured in a 15-week format. Under the supervision of a faculty member, students will immerse themselves in course subject matter. Permission for a Guided Study is granted by the Department Chair and Academic Dean.

December 14, 2022

December 14, 2022

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