Guidance Regarding Conflicts Between the Academic and Religious Calendars

The College for Creative Studies observes 14 federal holidays and observances. The College acknowledges religious holidays and observances are important to our community members, and requests that every reasonable effort should be made to help students avoid unfavorable academic consequences when their religious obligations conflict with academic requirements, including religious holidays and observances not included on the Religious Holidays list. Some religious days of observance affect the ability of CCS community members to participate in classes, work, and various activities because of specific work and/or food restrictions associated with those days.

For members of our community who practice faiths with restrictions on their daily life and work at the College, accommodations should be made accordingly. 

Guidance for Students

Students are not relieved from responsibility for any part of the course work required during the period of absence, if an absence from classes or examinations occurs as a result of religious reasons. When religious observances cause a student to miss classes, examinations, or other assignments, faculty are expected to provide reasonable accommodations, if possible. Students must provide a written notice at least two weeks prior to any religious holy day or cultural observance. If the absence must occur within the first three weeks of a semester or session, the student must  provide written notice one week in advance of the absence.

Students who are absent on days of examinations or class assignments shall be offered an opportunity to make up the work, without penalty, unless it can be demonstrated that a make-up opportunity would interfere unreasonably with the delivery of the course. Should a disagreement arise over any aspect of this policy, the parties involved should contact the Department Chair and the Dean of Academic Affairs. Final appeals will be resolved by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Guidance for Educators

CCS Educators whose classes conflict with their own religious obligations should work with their Chair and Program Manager to find a substitute for the course or initiate steps for coursework to be covered within another class time. Faculty are expected to provide these dates to the Chair and Program Manager prior to the start of the academic term. Alternative arrangements should not inconvenience other students, staff, or faculty. Employees should make every effort to avoid scheduling assembly meetings and campus-wide events on religious holidays. It should be noted that some holidays extend over many days.  Staff members who observe religious holidays that are not on the current CCS holiday/observance schedule may use Paid Time Off (PTO). Please adhere to CCS PTO guidelines when submitting PTO requests.

If you have any questions regarding this guidance, please consult with your supervisor.

December 22, 2021

January 17, 2023

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