Field Trips

From time to time, a faculty member will want to take a group of students on a field trip. All students must sign a waiver of liability form covering the trip. These forms may be obtained from the Office of Student Life or from the Program Manager. Once completed, two copies of the liability waiver should be made; the original is kept in the department and the copy taken on the trip with the chaperone. Faculty are responsible for providing a digital version of all field trip release forms to their Program Manager at least 24 hours before the scheduled field trip. Whether traveling locally or long distance, transportation should be organized through a reputable carrier. If traveling by motor vehicle, it is preferable to hire a bus or van, with a properly licensed driver. In this case, the company providing transportation must furnish proof of current insurance. It is not permissible for faculty to use personal vehicles to transport students nor may faculty solicit students to transport other students.

Out-of-town accommodations must be made at reputable establishments. Reservations should be confirmed in writing, and if the hotel insists on a contract being signed, it must be reviewed and signed for CCS by the Vice President of Finance/CFO.

Guidelines for overnight trips include clear communication about sleeping arrangements in advance of travel. Three options should be offered to accommodate the needs of students: Gendered (Male/Female) and Non-Gendered rooming. This option was created for students to be paired roommates based on compatibility rather than gender identity. Gender Neutral Rooming welcomes any student into the living space. Students requesting this option may or may not be placed with someone who identifies with the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Intersex) community. Any student who selects “yes” for GNR is alerting the trip organizer/chaperones that they are comfortable rooming with any gender identification. This does not guarantee a gender-neutral space, but will help the trip organizer/chaperone support students’ needs and level of comfort and organize room assignments.

Funding for field trips comes from the involved students and the department; if additional funding is required, the faculty may submit student or faculty development requests to the Office of Academic Affairs after receiving approval from the Department Chair. All monies due from students for a given trip must be paid to CCS before leaving on the trip, with no exceptions. The Business Office will handle paying the bills and issuing travel advances to the faculty members. Subsequent to the trip, proper accounting, including all appropriate receipts, must be made of all funds expended. The forms to be used in this accounting may be obtained from the Business Office.

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