Citation Policy

The College for Creative Studies (CCS) values the importance of academic integrity in student coursework and recognizes the role citations play in scholarly communication. Citations allow students to provide attribution within their coursework and position the work within the scholarship in their field of study. CCS adheres to standardized citation styles across undergraduate and graduate programs to promote a student-centered learning experience. 

Undergraduate courses at CCS should utilize the Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style as the preferred method for acknowledging sources. The MLA style provides a clear and uniform framework for citing various sources, equipping undergraduate students with valuable academic writing and research skills. Under special circumstances, such as external presentations or publications, faculty members or students may determine that another style is required; such instances should be approved by the department chair. However, undergraduate faculty should typically use MLA in their courses. This commitment to MLA for undergraduate courses aligns with our dedication to cultivating foundational academic competencies and allows students to focus on content rather than style.

American Psychological Association (APA) is the preferred citation style for the graduate program, promoting clarity and consistency essential for graduate-level research and communication. By adhering to APA guidelines in graduate courses, we empower students to engage in the high standards of scholarship expected in their chosen fields. 

The dual-tiered approach to citation styles at CCS underscores our commitment to providing a student-centered experience by allowing students to understand the value of citations in scholarly communication while continuing to focus on research exploration and synthesis.

March 25, 2024

March 25, 2024

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