Art Education – Student Teaching

The student teaching portion of the art education program immerses students in an experiential field placement at both the elementary and secondary levels. The internship can happen full time in a single semester or halftime over the course of a full year. Students must complete a minimum of 300 hours in each placement. Students enroll in DAE-510 and DAE-520. The two courses work in tandem providing an in-depth experiential internship while also providing mentorship as students transition into the profession.

Steps To Pursue a Student Teaching Position 

Three to seven months prior to your Directed Teaching (Student Teaching) placement DAE 510 Directed Teaching art education candidates must complete the Directed Teaching Application. The Application is extensive and is comparable to a job application. Please give yourself ample time to complete the application in a professional manner. All pages must be digitally prepared (not hand written). Check with the Art Education office for the appropriate due date. 

When you have completed the Directed Teaching Application, your information will be sent out to local districts by the Program Manager or Art Education Faculty. Each application is reviewed by the local district’s Human Resources Department and forwarded to an elementary or secondary school for review by the principal and art teacher. If the art teacher is interested in working with the candidate, generally a date will be set up for an interview between the CCS Art Education Candidate and the art teacher. Students will be placed in different settings, inclusive of urban and suburban or rural, meeting the state’s requirements. Every effort is made to place the CCS student in the best placement for the student.

It is the policy of the CCS Art Education Department to not place students in the elementary or secondary school they attended or where their children go to school. Special circumstances may be considered depending on availability of placements and length of time away from the schools for Teacher Certification post-graduates. 

The Program Manager, working with Faculty and the Chair of the Art Education Department is responsible for the arrangement and placement of teacher candidates in schools. Students are asked not to confer with school districts; such placements cannot be honored. Students will be notified when placements are official.


All art education courses must be completed in order to apply for student teaching, including the required field service hours.  In special circumstances an exception can be made for Post Baccalaureate students with more experience, allowing them to complete one of the 400 level courses while student teaching. This requires Chair approval.

Students are asked to submit:

  • A student contact information page
  • An updated resume
  • One letter of recommendation
  • A one-page teaching philosophy statement.

All of the above documents are sent to the school district Human Resources department. Other student teaching application forms require a signature and are kept on file:

  • Compliance Report
  • Assumption of Risk
  • Release and Indemnification Form
  • Permission to Share Student Information Form
  • And the Student Teaching Handbook signature page.

Other requirements for student teaching:

  • Adult and child CPR/first aid certification
  • Student membership to the MEA (provides insurance while student teaching), and fingerprinting (determined by the school district).

Student Teaching Cost and Billing

Students will enroll in the Student Teaching semester for a total of 12 credit hours; DAE 510 & DAE 520 This will be billed at the regular full-time tuition rate and then discounted through an Art Education Grant as follows:

            6 credit hours charged at $150 per credit hour 

            6 credit hours charged at the regular tuition rate

The Financial Aid Office will be provided with a list of students who are student teaching each semester and will apply the Art Education Grant to the students account, reducing the internship course cost of the Student Teaching course. 

Students can review their semester billing statement through Self Service and contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss any further financial aid eligibility. 

June 9, 2022

June 9, 2022

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