This applies to year round internships (fall, summer, winter).

How Do I Search For An Internship?

  • Make an appointment with your Career Coach today for a one on one session to discuss strategies for securing an internship.

What Are My Options?

For Credit Vs. Not For Credit

For Credit:

For credit internships are highly encouraged. The cost for participating in a for credit internship is only $450 for a three credit class replacement or $900 for a six credit class replacement. More information about the internship program can be found in the Internship Handbook (link available soon).

Goals of the Internship Program at CCS:

  1. During the Internship Program, students will increase their knowledge and understanding of life after CCS.
    1. Students will gain increased proficiency in working with and for others. This may include learning to work in teams or groups and with individuals of diverse backgrounds.
    2. Students will learn about professional expectations with regard to performing work responsibilities.
  2. During the Internship Program, students will acquire valuable skill development and learning.
    1. Students will develop specific professional skills related to their academic major.
    2. Students will increase their understanding of concepts taught in college classes through varied internship responsibilities and exposures.

BFA Students:

  • Approval from Department Chair
  • Have an approved portfolio using the Portfolio Approval Form
  • Be a Junior or Senior enrolled in studio courses
  • Meet the College’s Junior Status Policy requirements
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher

MFA Students:

  • Approval from Department Chair
  • Have an approved portfolio using the Portfolio Approval Form
  • Completed one year of course work
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

Students may register for a three-credit or six-credit internship opportunity.Students may earn a maximum of SIX academic credits for internship experience. For example, a student may take ONE 6-credit internship or TWO 3-credit internships. The contact hour requirement for a three-credit internship is 135 hours over the course of the semester; six-credit internships require 270 contact hours over the course of the semester.

Students should work closely with their Department Chair or faculty mentor, as well as  their Academic Advisor to determine which class should be replaced for the internship. The internship needs to replace a required class within the department. It can not be used to replace a Liberal Arts required course. 

Please note: You must register for your internship when you register for classes in the semester that you plan to take the internship. The last day to add/drop a class is the same for internships. Credit cannot be requested retroactively   Students who have previously completed an internship that they did not register for, for credit, cannot retroactively register to have it used for credits in their curriculum..

Contact the Office of Partnerships to get the paperwork necessary to register for credit. 

Not for Credit:

Non-credit internships are another option for students to pursue a professional experience. Non-credit internships do not require a specific GPA, class standing or a mandated number of contact hours. There is no limit on the number of non-credit internship opportunities that a student can take. Students who will be on hiatus or enrolled less than 6 credits during their internship should contact the Financial Aid Office in order to fully understand any financial implications.

Paid vs Unpaid

Unpaid internships at “for profit” companies must be within the standards of the “Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act. The six criteria test can be found at . Non-profit companies do not have the same standard as “for profit” companies.

Students can get paid and receive credit.

How Do I Apply For An Internship?

Remember that securing an internship is similar to looking for a job. You are applying along with other CCS students as well students from other colleges. When applying for an internship, follow the application process exactly. Generally, you will be asked to submit a cover letter, resume and a sample portfolio. Be sure to follow up a week after you have submitted your materials to make sure that your materials were received and see if the company needs anything else.

If an employer is interested in you as a possible intern, they will then call you directly to schedule an interview. If the internship is out of the state, they may ask you to do a virtual interview rather than travel to their office for an in-person meeting.

For tips and tricks for interview best practices or to do a mock interview, reach out to your Career Coach.

Once you have secured your internship, please notify Shannon McPartlon at, or stop by the office on the second floor of the Yamasaki Building.

Visit our Office of Partnerships page to view more resources including job search sites, artist resources, self-promotion and more