Sponsored Research Project Information – CCS Students

CCS recognizes the importance of providing our students with real-world experiences and enhanced training to prepare them to become industry leaders. Sponsored research projects enable students to learn how to collaborate and create design solutions in a learning environment that mirrors the contemporary work atmosphere. Regular communication and collaboration with industry enhances the College’s ability to assure success by keeping our curricula on the cutting edge. CCS staff and faculty work closely with industry partners to develop innovative and forward thinking sponsored research projects each year that occur in CCS studio courses.

Through a sponsored research project, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop research based assignments within real-world parameters
  • Present to and receive feedback from industry contacts during reviews, informal work sessions and critiques that occur four or more times during the semester
  • Be mentored by a company’s design and technical staff
  • Develop relationships that may lead to internship or employment opportunities
  • Bolster their portfolio with well-developed projects
  • Fulfill departmental course requirements

Educational Goals

Sponsored research projects serve the students’ educational goals best when:

  1. The student’s interests are put first (intellectual property, portfolio, etc.). CCS IA Staff works closely with industry partners to ensure that student’s interests are served first and foremost.
  2. The project aligns with the Department’s mission, learning goals and objectives.
  3. The goals of the project align with a series of learning outcomes for a particular course or a special project course.
  4. The sponsorship commitment is sufficient to meet the goals of the project.
  5. The brief is developed with sufficient input from the participating department faculty and Chair.
  6. The goals of the sponsored project align with IA’s mission statement for the sponsored project program.

Intellectual Property Rights

The purpose of sponsored research project is to provide an educational experience for CCS students. Ownership of IP Rights in Sponsored Works is determined by a written agreement between the College and the Sponsor. Sponsored Projects are accepted in CCS classes only when they provide educational value and are approved by the course instructor and department chair. In cases where the College agrees to transfer to or share with a Sponsor the ownership of the IP Rights in a Sponsored Work or Works produced by students, the College will inform students of this agreement prior to the commencement of the Sponsored Project and will obtain their informed consent to the terms of the agreement. If a student is unwilling to relinquish his/her IP Rights, the College will find an equivalent class in which the student can enroll. Students should never be coerced into taking a class with a Sponsored Project or relinquishing their IP Rights. Regardless of who owns the IP Rights in Sponsored Works, students must be permitted to include the Work products in their portfolios for purposes of self-promotion, subject to certain limitations in Sponsorship agreements, such as removing company logos.

Financial Incentives

Students often receive financial support for their involvement in sponsored research projects. This typically includes funds to support services provided by CCS such as printing, modeling and other expenses related to producing deliverables for the class and industry partner.

At the onset of each project, participating students will receive an informational packet that outlines the funding available for the project they are participating in. The amounts are determined by the participating department chair and/or faculty, IA staff and the industry partner and are dependent on the number of students in the class and the amount provided by the industry partner. Students will be required to follow reimbursement guidelines when applicable.
Every sponsor commitment is different, so funds will vary from project to project. A portion of all sponsored research project budgets is used to support the general operating of the College.

In some projects, funding is also provided for student scholarships. There are two types of project scholarships: Completion Awards that are provided to all enrolled students who complete all requirements of the class; and Competitive Scholarships, that are awarded to the top students as determined by a panel of jurors, according to agreed-upon criteria. Students who are awarded a scholarship from a sponsored research project will not get a check handed over to them. It is CCS policy that the awarded money be transferred from the project account into their student account to help pay their unpaid fees/tuition. If the student has no outstanding balance, only then will a check be made out to the student and will be mailed to their home address.

For more information, please contact Shannon McPartlon, Senior Director of Corporate & Foundation Partnerships at 313-664-7460 or smcpartlon@collegeforcreativestudies.edu.