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The Office of Educational Technology + Innovation (ET+I) has a mission to support faculty in using technology effectively in both classroom and online settings. They act as a centralized resource to evaluate new and emerging technologies, and offer training and ongoing support to faculty on how to use technology in a student-centered approach.

ET+I provides support for a range of tools, including Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), Zoom, Simple Syllabus, EvaluationKit, and integration of Google and Adobe tools within Canvas. Their focus is on how technology can enhance teaching and learning, amplifying the work of faculty and students.

ET+I also provides guidance and support for classes and programs offered through online or hybrid modalities, as well as for in-person courses that use Canvas to enhance student learning. This involves creating standards, processes, support, and professional development to ensure that students have high quality online learning experiences.

New Faculty Recording Studio!

We’re excited to introduce the new Faculty Recording Studio at CCS, designed to enhance teaching across all learning modalities. Located in the lower level of the Yamasaki, this user-friendly studio offers high-quality equipment and technical support for a variety of video production needs. Faculty members can book the studio to create engaging content for their courses, whether in-person, online, or hybrid.

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Meet your ET+I Team

Bitmojis of the EdTech team. Sherrad Glosson, Chris Hofer, Gretchen Sawatzki, Brandi Robinson, Carl Weckerle.


To facilitate the transformation of teaching and learning at CCS through innovative, collaborative, and technology-enabled approaches, creating equitable access and supporting faculty in their student-centered approach to education.


To lead the way in redefining art and design higher education by providing an inclusive, adaptable, and forward-thinking collection of resources, tools, and pedagogies that enable faculty, students, and staff to thrive and succeed in an evolving landscape of creative and technological possibilities.

Strategic Plan

As we navigate the continually evolving impact of technology on higher education, we remain committed to providing the best possible learning experiences for our students. To this end, we have developed a Strategic Plan that serves as our roadmap for the next few years.

Our Strategic Plan is designed to align with the college’s overarching mission and goals, focusing on four key areas that are essential to the educational experience in the 21st century:

Goal 1: Develop Quality Online Programs and Courses

We aim to create online courses and programs that are not only high-quality but also tailored to meet the needs of our diverse student body. From assessment to continuous improvement, our commitment is to offer engaging and effective online education.

Goal 2: Support the Integration of Technology into the Curriculum and Classroom

The integration of technology is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. We are dedicated to supporting our faculty and departments in incorporating technology in ways that enhance teaching and learning, in the studio, the classroom, and online.

Goal 3: Ensure Equitable Access to Online Learning

Technology should be a tool for empowerment, not a barrier. We are committed to making online learning accessible to all students, irrespective of their background, needs, or location.

Goal 4: Develop a Culture of Innovation and Experimentation

We believe in the power of innovation to transform education. By fostering a culture that values experimentation and data-driven decisions, we aim to continuously evolve and adapt.

These goals are ambitious but achievable, thanks in large part to the dedicated faculty, staff, and students who make up our college community. As we implement this plan, we will be providing updates and opportunities for you to get involved and offer your insights.