What To Do If Someone Gets Hurt On Campus

Follow these steps:

  1. Assess the situation – make sure it is safe for you to approach
  2. Call 911
  3. Contact Campus Safety – 7444 – and ask them to escort the EMS personnel to the proper location
  4. Ask the person if you can help them (providing they are conscious)
  5. Administer first aid if you are trained to do so
  6. No matter how small, recommend for the student to seek medical attention (you are not a medical professional)

Always file an incident report with Campus Safety to document the accident.

CCS personnel are advised not to transport anyone to the hospital due to the possibilities of complications or other unforeseen events that could occur.

If the person does not want to wait for EMS and wants to go to the hospital on their own you can refer them to:

  • Henry Ford Hospital (Grand River – just west of the Lodge freeway)
  • Detroit Receiving Hospital (St Antoine – just south of Warren)
  • Harper Hospital (John R – just south of Warren)
  • Beaumont Hospital (13 Mile Rd – Royal Oak – just west of Woodward)
  • Oakwood Hospital (Oakwood Ave – Dearborn – Oakwood Ave exit off of west bound I94 – go north on Oakwood)

Emergency rooms at hospitals outside of Detroit tend to provide quicker service.

Student Specific Information

Students can go to any hospital and see any doctor to have injuries from an accident treated. This is for accidents that happen on or off campus. All CAD students have accident insurance. Students have 90 days after receiving treatment to turn in the bill with a claim form. Claim forms are available in the Office of Student Life. The insurance company will then evaluate the bill and make payment. The entire amount may not be covered by insurance. Students will be responsible for the remaining balance. If students have additional health insurance they can submit the outstanding balance to that company to see if they will pay the balance.

If students have any questions regarding student insurance, please refer them to:

Dan Long
Dean of Students
College for Creative Studies
201 E. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202
313.664.7675 p