Payment Requisition Instructions

Processing a Payment Requisition

Whenever an invoice (a bill for goods or services) is received, or a check needs to be issued, please complete a blue payment requisition form and return it to the Accounts Payable (AP) office. Please do not use this form if a purchase order was completed.

If you are working with a new vendor, please submit their W-9 for pre-approval prior to having them complete any work. This will hopefully alleviate any IRS related issues after work has been completed.

  1. Complete a Blue Payment Requisition form (include vendor name, address, invoice date, invoice number, description and any special instructions) If we are paying an individual you must also include a social security number and their legal name.
  2. Attach the invoice to the requisition. We cannot pay off of a quote or statement.
  3. Provide a copy of the invoice or any other paperwork if the original needs to be mailed with the check.
  4. Obtain proper signatures (If you are the vendor or receiving an advance you may not sign your own payment requisition)
  5. Submit to Accounts Payable for check processing Payment requisition forms are available on the public directory in the Business Services folder and on Blackboard. Please copy the form on BLUE paper. We encourage all staff and faculty to type all of the forms submitted to Business Services to ensure legibility.

Check Run

The accounts payable weekly check run is usually on Wednesday. Please submit all requisitions by Tuesday at noon to be included in the week’s check run. Plan ahead. Checks are available for pick-up on Friday at the Cashier’s Window. Unless noted, checks will be mailed. If you pick up a check to hand deliver to a vendor the check must be delivered no later than one week after the check is issued. No “holding” of checks is allowed. By submitting a payment requisition you are authorizing the payment.

Manual Checks

In an emergency situation a manual check can be processed as long as the appropriate staff is available to cut and sign the checks. However, in most cases, planning ahead can avoid this process. Page 2 of 2 Business Services – Accounts Payable Revised 9/25/15


A 1099 tax form may be generated to all persons who provided a service to the college and payment was not processed through payroll. The person’s legal name and social security number MUST be included on any payment requisition that may result in the issuance of a 1099.


Any questions regarding payment requisitions or checks that have been written should be directed to Duane Robinson at 313-664-7436 or email him at