Payment Agreement and Disclosure of Collection Costs

Financial Obligation

When a student registers for a course at the College for Creative Studies, he/she enters a financial obligation with the college and is responsible for making timely payments of tuition and all other applicable fees. It is the student’s responsibility to read the policies and procedures of the college and be familiar with the refund policy when dropping a course.

Tuition Due Dates and Late Fees

Please see the academic calendar for tuition due dates specific to each semester.  If a student is late paying their tuition balance by the scheduled due date, as reflected in the academic calendar, a $25 late fee is assessed. After another 30 days, as reflected in the academic calendar, if the balance is still not paid in full another $25 late fee is assessed. There will be a $75 delinquency fee added to the account if any tuition balance remains outstanding after an
additional 30 days.

Delinquent Accounts

CCS has the right to take steps to collect the balance including, but not limited to the following: withholding course grades, academic transcripts and diploma until the balance is paid; turning over the student’s account to a collection agency; and taking legal action to collect the balance. CCS will make every effort to contact the student to arrange an in-house payment plan of outstanding charges before sending an account to a collection agency.