Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is overseen by the Dean of Students and includes Student Life, Residence Life, the Wellness Center, and Multicultural Affairs. The purpose of Student Affairs is to enhance the CCS educational environment through co-curricular programming and initiatives to engage the student body in learning and growth outside of the classroom.

Student Concerns Committee

The Student Concerns Committee (SCC) is an avenue for early communication for faculty and staff to raise concerns about College for Creative Studies students in a confidential environment. The information shared during the course of the SCC meetings is considered sensitive and is used as one tool to determine if, when, and how further intervention will take place with a student. This committee is an information gathering body that is used to help maintain a safe and caring environment for all community members.

A cross section of personnel from the College serves on the committee to gather the broadest picture possible of a student of concern. At a minimum, representatives from Student Affairs, Campus Safety, Academic Advising and Registration, Financial Aid, Personal Counseling, Residence Life, and Academic Affairs will participate in the SCC meetings with additional staff being invited as seen fit. The members of the SCC are encouraged to share information both personally collected and those concerns reported to them by other CCS personnel.

Some examples of concerns would be unusually withdrawn behavior, a dramatic change in mood, the student expressing loneliness or depression, or a recent and significant decrease in academic performance. Please keep in mind that the Student Concerns Committee is not an emergency response team. If an emergency arises please call Campus Safety. Information reported to the committee is considered highly sensitive and will be shared only with those individuals at CCS who would be responding to the situation. To make a referral to the SCC, you can email either the Dean of Students or the Director of Wellness & Counseling Services

Center for Tutoring and Writing

The Center for Tutoring and Writing (CTW) provides academic support for all students. It is staffed by full-time higher education professionals as well as departmental tutors who are Juniors or Seniors in their major. CTW services include one-on-one tutorial assistance tailored to each individual’s learning style and academic needs.

CTW services are free to all students and offer the possibility to boost classroom performance, develop better learning strategies, and hone study, writing and time management skills. Workshops highlighting these types of topics are conducted throughout each semester at lunchtime. As an alternate computer lab, students have access to software specific to their majors in the CTW. Writing assistance is also available for any type of assignment, including research papers, essays, artist’s statements, and resumes. International students can receive assistance specific to their needs as English Language learners.

Students come to the CTW on a voluntary basis, but may be encouraged by faculty to utilize this resource. If a student is struggling in the classroom for any one of a multitude of reasons including absenteeism, missing assignments, poor academic performance or social issues, faculty can contact the CTW with questions as well as refer the student directly. You may use the form available on Blackboard in the Content Collection under Center for Tutoring and Writing or just email or phone to discuss. CTW personnel work closely with faculty, Academic Advising & Registration staff and other Student Affairs departments to build a network of support for students challenged by their workload. Communication between these various parties aids significantly in students’ success.

In addition, if you are allowing a student to make up a test, the CTW can work with you to provide time for that student to come and take the test in the CTW.

General Statement

CCS believes that academic advising is an essential part of the educational process. The advising program is intended to make advising consistent across all departments and to assure that the academic needs and progress of each student are carefully supervised so that each may achieve his or her full educational and professional potential.

The Academic Advising and Registration Office coordinates all advising activities. Trained advisors advise students, conduct academic evaluations, and assist students through the registration process.


CCS strives to engage students in an active learning environment that challenges them to grow as artists and designers while providing the support network for them to succeed. The programs and services offered through various student support offices and programs are intended to help students develop into successful and civically engaged artists and designers. Student success and persistence to graduation are the overarching goals for these offices.