Precollege and Continuing Studies Refund Policy

Credit-bearing courses

The refund of tuition for credit-bearing courses is detailed in the undergraduate course catalog available at Students needing to withdraw from a credit-bearing course should notify the Precollege and Continuing Studies office as soon as possible, as related policies are distinctly different from PCCS’s standard non-credit course refund policy (detailed above). Contact the PCCS Office 313.664.7456 or the CCS Academic Advising and Registration Office 313.664.7672.

Non-credit courses

Students who wish to withdraw from a course for which they have registered must call the Precollege and Continuing Studies office at 313.664.7456 to formally withdraw from the course. Students who withdraw from a non-credit course or Young Artist class before the second class session will be granted a 100 percent tuition refund. No tuition refund is granted after the start of the second class session. (Note: Students who withdraw from a PCCS course scheduled for shorter than 13 contact hours will not be granted a refund after the course has started.) Not attending a class does not constitute an official withdrawal from the course. No refunds will be granted after the terms of the refund policy. To officially withdraw call 313.664.7456.

Policy Contact

Contact: Jane Stewart
Work Phone: 313.664.7457 Website: Precollege and Continuing Studies
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January 26, 2018

September 1, 2019

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