Ink Colors

Risograph Ink

The Risograph printer is an enviro-friendly & cost effective soy ink printer. 

Soy ink dries through a combination process of absorption and evaporation; so the paper must be uncoated. These soy based inks never really “dry”. Similar to newsprint, rubbing the ink with your finger, even once “dry”, can result in smudging. This is a natural occurrence. 

Prints that will be heavily handled (example: book covers) can be finished with spray fixative to help prevent smudging. 

Alternatively, we encourage you to use transparency, such as <80% opacity (or less) or halftones to prevent smudging. 

Ink smudges and roller marks can often be lightly erased with a plastic eraser. 

Imaging Center Ink Colors – Fall 2020

The IC currently has 10 colors of ink in stock. The IC will allow up to 4 colors per Riso print submission. 

Risograph ink is translucent, so its final appearance depends on the color of the paper it is printed on and then the layering of each ink color. 

Colors can be overprinted to create new ones. It is possible to blend any combination of tints together to produce color variants. 

Download our Adobe Swatch file of all available Riso colors HERE!