Risograph Printing: Riso MF9450

A Risograph is a digital stencil duplicator designed for high volume reproduction of designs. As a printing method, a risograph printer sits somewhere between screen printing and offset lithography. It uses brightly colored inks, or “spot colors” allowing a wide range of bright and beautiful colors. 

A Risograph is a cost-effective self-publishing tool and is ideal for posters, graphic prints, comics, zines, or art books. 

If you are looking for photographic quality reproduction, we recommend using the Imaging  Center’s laser or inkjet printing services instead.

How does the Risograph Work?

An image is either sent digitally from the Riso PC or from a physical original via the scanner bed. The master is created by burning the image onto the master roll inside the printer. This stencil is then wrapped around the ink drum. The Riso feeds paper under the ink drum as it rotates, and ink is pushed out through the stencil to create an impression. 

On our Riso, two colors are printed at a time, and multicolored prints are made by switching out drums, then printing over each layer. The paper passes through the machine multiple times. 

Risograph ink is translucent, so its final appearance depends on the color of the paper it is printed on and the layering of each ink. Colors can be overprinted to create new ones. It’s also possible to blend any combination of tints of color together to produce color variants.

Paper Options & Pricing

The Imaging Center offers 11” x 17” uncoated paper for Risograph printing.

There is a 10 copy minimum when ordering Risograph prints.

We encourage students to provide their own paper. The IC Risograph printer reliably accepts paperweights between 50# text & 80# cover. Uncoated paper with a “tooth” works best. 

Please make an appointment via Calendly to drop off the paper or to chat with an IC staff member about what paper would work best for your project.

Turnaround Times & Proofing

Your print job will be completed in the order it was received. Standard turnaround time for the risograph printer is 7 business days. There are no “rush” options for riso print jobs. Please allow an additional 48 hours (2 business days) for each color beyond two colors, as copies need to cure, or dry between runs.

General Turnaround Color Guidelines

  • 1 or 2 colors: 7 days
  • 3 colors: 9 days
  • 4 colors: 11 days
  • 5+ colors: please contact IC staff.

You will be notified via your CCS email when your job has been completed. 

Naming Convention (required)


Example: MichellePeck_CatonRug_Red-Blue-Yellow-Black.pdf


  • Name: Michelle Peck 
  • File: Cat on Rug
  • Color 1: Red; Color 2: Blue; Color 3: Yellow; Color 4: Black

Your flattened PDF file should consist of 2-5 pages:

  •  Page 1: Rendered Image (color composite) of your final piece
  •  Page 2: Color 1 in Black & White / Grayscale
  •  Page 3: Color 2 in Black & White / Grayscale
  •  Page 4: Color 3 in Black & White / Grayscale
  •  Page 5: Color 4 in Black & White / Grayscale

Submitting Print Jobs

All riso print jobs must be submitted online. Once a job has been submitted, it will be put into the queue to be printed. Because of social distancing & online submission, turnaround times have increased. 

To submit, please visit our Let’s Print site. You will click “I want a Riso Print”.