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What is a Risograph: A Risograph is a digital stencil duplicator designed for the high volume reproduction of designs. As a printing method, a risograph printer sits somewhere between screen printing and offset lithography. It uses brightly colored inks, or “spot colors” allowing a wide range of bright and beautiful colors. A Risograph is a cost-effective self-publishing tool and is ideal for posters, graphic prints, comics, zines, or art books. 

If you are looking for photographic quality reproduction, we recommend using the Imaging Center’s laser or inkjet printing services instead.

Print Ready: The Imaging Center does not alter your file in any way. All files must come in ready for print. The IC prints actual size. Please make sure your print is no larger than 10”x16” to allow for registration and crop marks. (We will add these for you.) 

File Type: Files submitted must be saved as a black & white, multi-page PDF file. Files should be color-separated and flattened. Each color should be black & white and on a separate page.

Your flattened PDF file should consist of 2-5 pages. In the example below there are 3 pages in the PDF file.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
  • Page 1: Rendered Image (color composite) of your final piece
  • Page 2: Color 1 in Black & White / Grayscale
  • Page 3: Color 2 in Black & White / Grayscale
  • Page 4: Color 3 in Black & White / Grayscale
  • Page 5: Color 4 in Black & White / Grayscale

Naming Convention (required): Name_FileName_Risocolors-in-Print-Order.pdf Example: MichellePeck_CatonRug_Red-Blue-Yellow-Black.pdf

Breakdown: Name = Michelle Peck | File = Cat on Rug | Color 1: Red; Color 2: Blue; Color 3: Yellow; Color 4: Black

Colors Available: The Imaging Center allows up to 4 colors per Riso print. We have 12 colors available: Blue, Federal Blue, Bright Red, Yellow, Black, Burgundy, Mint, Teal, Green, Fluorescent Pink, Sunflower & Fluorescent Orange. Color swatches are available here: Fall 2021 – Riso Colors.

Resolution: 300 d.p.i. or higher. 600 d.p.i. is recommended.

Turnaround Times: Your print job will be completed in the order it was received. The standard turnaround time for the risograph printer is 5-7 full business days depending on the number of colors. There are no “Rush” options for laser print jobs. Please allow an additional 48 hours (2 business days) for each color beyond two, as copies need to cure, or dry between runs.

Color Alignment: Riso printing is never perfect, and is registered (registration = color alignment) by hand. For a “perfect” print, we recommend using the inkjet printer or the laser service.

Multi-page Project?
If you have a document with multiple pages, you have two options.

  • Submit a different form for each page. This is recommended for a single-sided job (like a booklet or calendar that only has single pages)
  • Make an appointment with an IC staff member to review your job before submitting it. Especially if you have a book or a double-paged project you’d like to print.
Risograph Pricing

Paper Resource List: Check out our permanent & rotating paper list HERE

More Information: For further information on file set up and Imaging Center policies and procedures, please review The Imaging Center Main Guide. For more information on risograph printing, please click HERE!

Need Extra Help: Set up a 10-minute Google Hangouts or Zoom consultation with Imaging Center staff. We’ll even use a funny face filter. To schedule an appointment, visit our Calendly site: 

Disclaimer: Risograph printing is an imperfect process. The IC will not reprint for inherent printing imperfections. Smudges, roller marks, and misregistration are a part of the nature of Riso printing. The IC takes all the necessary measures to minimize ink transfers and misregistration. We suggest that you take these design precautions into consideration. Remember though, no Riso print is ever perfect (and that is what makes Riso printing so awesome!).

Trouble Uploading? Please visit our Troubleshooting Guide HERE.

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