Paper Resource List

This resource list is updated regularly. If you do not see one of these options in the drop-down menu while submitting a job, please write in the paper option on the form. Imaging Center staff will connect with you if that paper is no longer in stock.

Plotter Printer: Epson SureColor T5270D

Standard Paper(s)
24# Bond Paper: 36″ roll
45# Bond Paper: 36″ roll
8 mil UV Microporous Photo Paper – Satin: 36″ roll

Specialty Paper(s)
Epson Backlit Transparency Paper: 36″ roll

Inkjet Printer: Epson SureColor P5000

Standard Paper(s)
Enhanced Matte: 17″ roll
Watercolor – Radiant White: 13″ x 19″ sheets
Premium Luster: 16″ roll

Specialty Paper(s)
Exhibition Canvas Matte: 17″ roll
Hot Press Natural: 17″ roll

Inkjet Printer: Epson Stylus Pro 9900

Standard Paper(s)
Enhanced Matte: 24″, 36″, & 44″ rolls
Doubleweight Matte: 24″ roll
Premium Luster: 24″, 36″, & 44″ rolls
Premium Semimmate: 24″, 36″, & 44″ rolls

Specialty Paper(s)
Exhibition Canvas Matte: 24″ & 36″ rolls
Cold Press Bright: 24″ roll
Exhibition Canvas Satin: 24″ roll