Inkjet Print Services: Epson 9900

In addition, the IC has two Epson 9900 printers, which can print up to 43.75” wide (44” paper).

The Epson 9900 printers are used for large banner printing (40” x 60”, 35” x 90”, etc.) at a very high quality. These printers have the widest color gamut and the highest technology. 

Similar to the Epson P5000, this printer offers unmatched resolution, color accuracy, archival properties and larger media sizes. Inkjet printing is used for high quality posters, 

photography, oversize book covers, or anything else where the highest quality or largest print sizes are needed. Inkjet printers are used for low-volume quantity print runs since it can get expensive. 

At this time, the Imaging Center only runs Epson media on these printers.