Risograph Workshops

Riso Training in Fall 2023
Want to learn more about Riso printing?
Apply for a 3-week Intro to Riso workshop series.

The Intro to Riso workshop series will run for 2 hours, once a week, for 3 weeks beginning in September 2022. Learn to print off-the-glass, the basics of color separations, and Riso file prep.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to rent time on the Riso for $10/hour up to $200/semester. Once you have paid for 20 hours, you will not be charged for the remainder of the semester. Studio rental includes individual access to the studio, inks, and proofing paper. As a Riso Room member, you will have access for the full school year.

Availability is limited! We try to accommodate as many students as possible. Selection is based on graduation year, scheduling, and first come, first serve.

Open House Event – Pop-up Print Day
Thursday, 9/22
12pm – 1pm in the IC Riso Room!

Please note:
If you are not able to go through training this year, you are still welcome to attend pop-up Riso events, Riso-related club events, one-day mini-workshops, and submit Riso jobs to the IC online, with or without Riso basic training. We also do zoom consultation if you would like help setting up your file for service printing.

Basic Training Overview

Week 1 | October 2-6
Printing “off-the-glass” | Riso Room overview | 2 hours

Week 2 | October 9-13
Digital File Prep via Photoshop | 2 hours

Week 3 | October 16-20
Printing day with creative mini-workshop options | 2 hours

Risograph Printer Outline: Rachel DeBoard // Risograph Doodles: Lilia Neill