Inkjet & Plotter Printing

General Information

All of the IC inkjet printers process through the same RIP software, Onyx Thrive.  

Each of our print media are color profiled with an i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer utilizing the i1Profiler software. 

All five printers are on a regular maintenance schedule with nozzle checks and print head alignments. The printers are color profiled at the start of each semester and are adjusted as necessary throughout. 

Crop “corners” can be requested for all inkjet print jobs, however, if you require true crop marks, you must export the file with crop marks.

By default, the Imaging Center will print your image in the center of the paper roll. We can not determine the white border on your image. If you need a 1” white margin on each side of your image, save that within your file in addition to crop marks. You will be charged accordingly.

If submitting a PDF with multiple pages, make sure to note the different image sizes on the web form.

The Imaging Center may “gang files up” in order to provide quicker turnaround times and to save media. This will not affect your price quote as the IC bills by the square foot of the image.

If files are “grouped together”, there will be at least .5” between each image.  

Remember to outline all of your type before saving/exporting your file as a PDF

Turnaround Times

Your print job will be completed in the order it was received. 

Standard turnaround time for the plotter & inkjet printers is approximately 1-3 full business days. This does not include weekends or holidays. At this time, there are no “Rush” options available. Please be aware that during midterms and finals, turnaround times can increase up to 2-3 business days. 

If you would like to do a test strip, please select the “Please print a test strip” option. Test strips can take up to 1 business day. Once you are satisfied and “approve” your print, you may then submit the final order for the full sized image. 

You will be notified via your CCS email when your job has been completed. 

Soft Proofing

Soft proofing is a representation or simulation on a computer monitor of what an image is going to look like on an output device, such as a printer. 

Soft proofing only simulates the appearance of an ink-on-paper proof, also known as a hard proof. The reliability of the soft proof depends upon the quality of the monitor, the profiles of the output devices, and the ambient lighting conditions of the working environment. 

Please rent an i1Display profiling device in order to color calibrate your monitor.

Test Strip Package

The Imaging Center offers a FREE test strip package for our inkjet printers. Test strips are highly recommended because they allow you to see exactly what the final print will look like. A hard proof is the most accurate kind of proof, since it is an actual print made using the same materials that will be used to make the final print. Test strips should be checked for color accuracy, contrast, and resolution. 

If you would like to do a test strip, please select the “Please print a test strip” option on the web form. Test strips can take up to 1 business day. Once you are satisfied and “approve” your print, you may then submit the final order for the full-sized image. Remember to save your test strip file in the same exact way as your final image (.jpg test strip for a .jpg final print OR a .pdf test strip file for a .pdf final print)

Once a test strip has been approved, the file can be submitted for processing. Complaints will only be considered if a test strip was printed and approved by the customer. 

Test strips are free! (within reason of course!). Students can print the same test strip for free on two different types of media.

Test strips should be no larger than 2” tall by the width of the document and contain areas of the file that offer the best representation of color and contrast. Please label the file teststrip.

Imaging Center Math 101: how to figure out our pricing

All of our inkjet printers are billed by the square foot [when printing on the roll paper]. 

This formula shows how to calculate the final price of your print job. All measurements must be in inches. 

Length” × Width” = Square Inches”

Square Inches” / 144 = Square Feet’

Square Feet’ × Paper Cost = Cost of Print

For example, if you wanted to print an 27” x 38” image on the Epson 9900 on Enhanced Matte.

Step 1: 27” × 38” = 1026”

Step 2: 1026” / 144 = 7.125 sq. ft.

Step 3: 7.125 sq. ft. × $6.00 = $42.75

The total cost for this print job would be $42.75 before tax and $45.32 after tax. To figure out the price of your poster with tax, multiple the before taxed amount by $1.06.