i1display Pro: Checkout Policy

Checkout Policy

To calibrate your laptop or device, make a reservation appointment via Calendly to check out a device from the Imaging Center. 

Calendly Link > https://calendly.com/ccs_ic/i1display-pro-calibrator-rental

Equipment can only be checked out in person by appointment. The IC does not accept ‘walk-ins’.

Imaging Center equipment checkouts are free for current CCS students, staff, and faculty. 

Patrons must present a current CCS ID in order to check out equipment. No ID = No Checkout.

Students may keep equipment for no more than 24 hours for each check out and can renew the items one consecutive time. Students cannot check out equipment over weekends and school breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, etc.). 

The patron is fully responsible for the care and safeguard of all equipment that they check out. The student is responsible for paying close attention during the time that the equipment is being checked out to them. Read and sign the check-out agreement to avoid mistakes. 

The patron must check for equipment damage before they take it. Report any faulty equipment and return it immediately.

Return Policy

All equipment must be returned on time. 

A return time & date will be agreed upon when you check out the item. A calendly appointment will be made on your behalf as an appointment for you to return the item.

All equipment must be returned in the condition in which it was checked out (cords wrapped, cases packed neatly and clean). 

It is encouraged that the patron stays and observe the IC staff while they check-in returned equipment. 

Someone other than the student who checked the equipment out may return equipment, but the patron is still responsible for the condition of the returned equipment and any fees associated with a late return.

All checkouts must be in to the Imaging Center before 3:30pm on Fridays. 

Equipment will be sanitized upon return to the Imaging Center.

Overdue Equipment Policy

Students, Staff, and Faculty are subject to late fines and replacement fees. Emails are sent via CCS email to notify the patron of overdue equipment. 

Equipment overdue by more than 24 hours will result in the suspension of checkout and potentially printing privileges. 

Equipment overdue by more than 72 hours will result in a replacement fee, and indefinite suspension of check out & printing privileges. Students will have a hold placed on their academic account. 

Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment will result in a mandatory, non-negotiable, full replacement or repair charge. 

An official police report must be submitted for stolen equipment or we will assume that you, the patron, stole the equipment. 

Consecutive overdue returns may result in the semester suspension of check out and/or printing privileges. 

Threatening or rude conduct toward any IC staff member will result in the permanent loss of your checkout and/or printing privileges. 

Fines may be paid in the Imaging Center. 

Only IC management can override policy terms