Assigning a Color Profile

How to Assign a Color Profile in Photoshop

Assign Profile lets you tag an image with a specified profile or untag an image by removing it. No color numeric conversions are made; it simply applies an interpretation to the numbers in the image.

Edit menu > Assign Profile. 

Toggle on the Preview option. You will most likely see the colors shift on screen. 

Select an option (see below), and click OK. 

Don’t Color Manage This Document

Removes the existing profile from the document. After you remove the profile from a document, the appearance of colors is defined by the application’s working space profiles.

Working [color model: working space]

Assigns the working space profile to the document. 


Lets you select a different profile. The application assigns the new profile to the document without converting colors to the profile space. This may dramatically change the appearance of the colors as displayed on your monitor.