Imaging Center: Main Guide

General Information

Location: Taubman Center – 6th floor – T631
Phone: 313.664.1507

Hours of Operation: 
Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

How to Submit Jobs:

You can also access our forms via the main access page when you log in to your email! For more information, schedule an appointment with IC staff.

How to Make an Appointment:

Appointments are required for picking up work and can be made on our Calendly site. IC staff are on hand to provide virtual consultations and offer assistance on proper file setup or give advice on any projects you may have while working off (or on) campus.

Methods of Payment:
Cash / Credit Card / CCS SmART Card (flex)

Students can choose to be invoiced directly from our Square Retail register. You will have to pay for prints prior to picking them up. If picking up in person, you will be able to pay on-site with cash, credit, or flex. 

The Imaging Center does not accept personal check, student charge, credit or debit cards

Price Quotes

IC Techs will send you a print estimate when a print job is submitted via CCS email during our open hours. You will have the opportunity to approve the estimate and your job will be processed. If you submit a job outside of those hours, expect an estimate to be sent within one hour of opening the following business day.  

If you do not receive an estimate or price quote, please let us know. It is highly recommended that you calculate your own job cost prior to coming into the Imaging Center. 

Special Projects

We will work to the best of our ability in the Imaging Center to meet your special requests. Please see IC management if you have a question regarding a special project.

Turnaround Times

Standard turnaround times are listed below. During high volume times, turnaround can increase up to 72+ hours. Prints are processed in the order that they are received.

  • Laser Printing: 1 business days
  • Plotter Printing: 2 business days
  • Small Inkjet Printing: 1-2 business days
  • Large Inkjet Printing: 2-3 business days
  • Binding & Stack Cutting: 1 business days
  • Button Making: 2-3 business days
  • Riso Printing: 5+ business days

The IC is not responsible for delays that are a result of user error (improper file setup, spelling errors, incorrect color management, etc.). Please plan ahead when submitting print jobs.

Submitting Print Jobs

All print jobs must be submitted online. Once a job has been submitted, it will be put into the queue. Turnaround times have increased due to social distancing, regular cleaning schedules & online submission.

To submit, please visit >
You can also access our forms via the main access page when you log in to your email!

Depending on which service you need, for example, you will click “I want a Laser Print” or “I want an Inkjet Print”. If you are dropping off already printed materials to be bound or stack cut; please make a Calendly appointment. 

You will need to sign in using your CCS credentials. At this time, you are only able to upload one file at a time to be printed. If the print is using all of the same specifications, (example: all pages should be printed on card stock) you could combine all files into one single PDF file.

Students can choose to receive a price estimate sent to their CCS email. In order for our staff to move forward with the job, students must respond to the IC email that they approve the cost. 

You will get a confirmation email once the job has been submitted. 

Remember to stay within the upload limitations. 

Order Changes

If an order is canceled or changed while the print job is being processed or after the job has already finished, you will be charged for the completed print output.

Calendly Appointments

To make appointments (digital or in-person), visit

  • IC Print Pickup (in person): due to COVID-19 physical & social distancing limitations, the IC can only allow prints to be picked up in person if it is by appointment. This may change as restrictions are lifted in Michigan. Appointments are in 10-minute increments. If there are more than 2 customers in the Imaging Center lobby at one time, please wait on the designated floor decal spots outside of the Imaging Center. 
  • IC Zoom Consultation(s): If you need further assistance during this time of remote learning & physical/social distancing, our IC staff are on hand to provide zoom consultations and offer assistance on proper file setup on any projects you may be working on while off (or on) campus. 
  • i1Display Pro Calibrator Rental: To calibrate your laptop or device, make an appointment to rent out a device from the Imaging Center. Rentals are free for current CCS students. Equipment can only be checked out in person, by appointment. 
  • IC Bring Your Own Paper (BYOP): Planning to print on your own paper? Schedule an appointment to drop off the paper prior to submitting your job. You will be prompted to add important information about your paper. 

Please be sure to check the Calendly site often as appointments will be added periodically.

Completed Print Jobs

All print jobs must be picked up and paid for within 3 weeks of the drop-off date. If completed work is not picked up, a hold will be placed on your account for the cost of the print job. 

The IC is not responsible for the loss or damage of prints left longer than 3 weeks.  

Students will have the option to pick up prints by 1) scheduling an appointment via Calendly to pick up in person OR 2) digital locker (with a one-time set code). You can also request “curbside pickup” (write this in the notes section on your form)

Students will be notified via CCS email once a job is completed.