Graduate Studies Laptop Support

To receive technical support, you should submit a support ticket at the CCS Helpdesk online at or by phone at 313.664.7818. If the issue cannot be addressed directly through online support or phone, you will be directed to make an appointment with Information Technology Services and would need to take your computer to a support staff for further help. In this case, a computer may not be left with support staff for evaluation or repair; you must be present for service to be provided. You should be sure to have all warranty and license information available and be sure that all of your files have been backed up. 

On-campus support from Information Technology Services for student computers covers:

Software assistance

If you are having problems running the required software, CCS support will troubleshoot to help insure that applications are properly installed and that your hardware is capable of running the application. CCS support services will not manage software licenses for you or teach you how to use an application for the purposes of completing assignments. 

Network assistance

CCS support services will assist you with questions about or difficulty with connecting to the CCS network or the use of CCS wireless.


CCS support services will assist you in connecting to and using printers for the graduate program.


CCS support services can offer limited assistance with hardware issues for student owned computers. Repair or diagnostic work on a student computer is governed by the warranty on each individual machine; the degree to which CCS can work on a machine is therefore limited. If we are unable to fix an issue, we will assist in assessing the problem and in initiating and facilitating contact with an appropriate service provider in the area if that is necessary or appropriate.

For questions regarding laptop and technology support, please contact the Helpdesk at: