Mobility Program

PURPOSE: The Mobility Program allows students to spend a semester at another AICAD institution. A student may see that an AICAD college other than his/her own can accommodate specific educational needs due to special facilities, curricular offerings, particular faculty competencies, or other resources appropriate to the student’s development. The request for a Mobility semester must be approved by both institutions.

ELIGIBILITY: All students in good standing and with a GPA of at least 2.7 are eligible after completing 51 credits. The Mobility Program is restricted to second semester sophomores and juniors (exceptions may be granted by the Department Chair to allow first semester seniors to participate). A student must be enrolled full-time while on Mobility at another institution. Students on Mobility will pay tuition to their home institution. The student pays the same tuition to CCS as he or she would if attending CCS. Details and information packets may be obtained from the Academic Advising and Registration Office.