Preliminary Class Rosters

At the beginning of each term, the Academic Advising and Registration Office prepares for each instructor a preliminary class roster that lists which students are enrolled in the course. Program Managers distribute rosters to instructors in their departments. The preliminary class roster is for reference only. All attendance is to be submitted electronically through the WebAdvisor system. Taking attendance is a mandatory requirement, and instructions on how to submit attendance are available to each faculty member via Blackboard CCS has an attendance policy and a requirement that its faculty take attendance ( #6); therefore Faculty must record each student’s attendance during or immediately following each class period. For complete policy, see Appendix L. Attendance should be submitted electronically on a weekly basis. Students are able to check their attendance as faculty submits the information.

Class rosters provide the following information: student ID number, student name, telephone number (local phone number will be printed, if available; otherwise the permanent phone number will be printed), Veterans Administration status, major*, class (indicated as CLS, this indicates whether the student is a freshman, sophomore, etc.), credits earned for this class, add/drop date

*AD=Advertising, AE=Art Education, AP=Art Practice, CD=Communication Design, CR=Crafts, EA= Entertainment Arts, FAD=Fashion Accessories Design, FN= Foundations, GD= Graphic Design, IL=Illustration, IN=Interior Design, LA= Liberal Arts, PH=Photograph, PR=Product Design, TR=Transportation Design, UN=Undeclared DE=Design, TD=Transportation (Graduate Program)