Review Documents

The Committee will base its considerations upon the contents of the faculty member’s “faculty file,” maintained in the Office of the Provost. Among the items included in the file are:

  1. The “Summary and Response for Continuous Improvement” (or, for Department Chairs, the Department Chair Self Assessment Form” and any faculty review of the Chair that has occurred).
  2. The “Summary and Response for Continuous Improvement” (or “Department Chair Annual Report”) written by the faculty member which includes information about:
    1. Teaching performance/departmental activities including courses taught, initiating new courses, hanging shows, serving on departmental committees, team projects, interviews, independent studies, student mentoring and advising duties.
    2. Professional/creative work including exhibitions, commissions, publications, lectures, consultations, workshops
    3. Service to the College, other than departmental activities, including membership on and substantial attendance at standing and ad hoc Committees of the faculty or College, release time duties, recruitment, arranging events, shows, etc.
    4. Professionally related external activities, including jurying/ judging, donated professional services, working with other institutions, serving on grant panels, workshops.
  3. The faculty member’s professional résumé/vita and a yearly update as necessary (with appropriate documentation).
  4. Other documentation relating to the faculty member’s performance.

The Committee may review student evaluations from courses taught by the faculty member as well as any other pertinent evaluative materials. If the Committee desires clarification on any of the items in the file, it may request interviews with the faculty member, Department Chair or appropriate Dean.