Procedures for Advancement in Rank

The procedure for advancement in rank is similar to reappointment.

  1. A faculty member eligible for advancement in rank submits an application to the appropriate Dean
  2. The FRC reviews the faculty member’s application for promotion according to the guidelines set forth in Section 3.9.6.
  3. The Department Chair submits a letter to the appropriate Dean with his/her own non-binding recommendation regarding the faculty member’s promotion. The letter should be submitted according to the same schedule as the FRC recommendation.
  4. Upon receiving the recommendation of the FRC and department Chairs, the Dean formulates and submits to the Provost a recommendation on each faculty member’s promotion. In doing so, the Dean may request additional information from, or a meeting with, the faculty member and may request clarification or elaboration from the FRC or Department Chair.
  5. The Provost reviews each of the appropriate Dean’s recommendations. The Provost may also request additional information or clarification from any of the parties involved in the reappointment procedure. The Provost then submits his own recommendation regarding reappointment to the President
  6. The President reviews and approves or disapproves each of the Provost’s recommendations. The President may also request additional information or clarification from any of the parties involved in the promotion procedure.
  7. The President communicates the decisions to the Provost, who is responsible for informing the Dean, faculty member, Chair, FRC, and Director of Human Resources
  8. Upon approval of advancement in rank, faculty members may be eligible for additional compensation, consistent with CCS’s salary policies. The faculty member may schedule a meeting with the appropriate Dean to discuss compensation and other matters.
  9. A faculty member who is denied promotion may reapply the following academic year.
  10. The schedule for consideration of advancement in rank is as follows:
    • Faculty member’s application to appropriate Dean by January 15.
    • Chair’s and FRC’s recommendations by June 1.
    • Appropriate Dean’s and Provost’s recommendation and President’s decision by September 1.

If a decision cannot be rendered by September 1, the Provost’s office will inform the faculty member of the delay, the reason for it, and the date by which a decision will be made.