Procedure/Application and Selection Process

  1. Each year, in consultation with the President, the Provost determines and announces the number of sabbaticals available no later than March 15.
  2. The Provost, in consultation with the Deans and Executive Committee of the Faculty Assembly, appoints a committee to evaluate the applications and make recommendations to the Provost regarding the merits of the application.
  3. A faculty member eligible for sabbatical must file an application to the committee no later than April 15 of the semester preceding the academic year for which he/she is applying. A Department Chair’s recommendation should be included with the application materials, along with a current CV and completed application form.The application must describe:
    • the project the faculty member will pursue during the sabbatical and the benefit to the faculty member’s professional development
    • how the project is consistent with the academic interests and mission of the College and program
    • how the accomplishments of the sabbatical will promote excellence in the production and/or dissemination of knowledge and what the work product of the leave will be
    • how the project to be undertaken differs from what is typically considered part of the normal workload of the faculty member
  4. The committee will make recommendations to the Provost based on the quality of the proposal, the value of the proposed work to the faculty member and the College, and the number of sabbatical leaves available in a given year.
  5. Notification, pending Board approval of the budget in May, will be made by May 15.
  6. The sabbatical may not be taken in order to teach or work at another institution or business.