Obligations of Sabbatical Recipients

The recipient of a sabbatical leave must:

  1. Make every reasonable effort to fulfill the terms of the College sabbatical.
  2. Return to the College for a minimum of one year following the completion of the sabbatical.
  3. Submit a report on the sabbatical to the Department Chair, appropriate Dean, and Provost within a month after the completion of the sabbatical period.
  4. Ensure that all publications and other materials related to and produced as a result of the sabbatical support include an acknowledgement to the College.

It is common practice to hold an exhibition of work produced by studio faculty during their sabbaticals. However, this is not a guaranteed opportunity and is subject to the availability of either Center Galleries or the Valade Family Gallery. Regardless of whether CCS exhibits studio or non-studio sabbatical work on campus, faculty who have had sabbaticals have a responsibility to share the results of the sabbaticals with the CCS community. They also are encouraged to seek opportunities, both locally and nationally, to display, present, or publish their work.