Departmental Responsibilities

  1. Participate in departmental meetings.
  2. Participate in curriculum assessment and planning.
  3. Serve on departmental committees.
  4. Participate in the mentoring process, and serve as a mentor.
  5. Establish and post regular weekly office hours to enable “mentees” and students to meet with you. The number of office hours necessary to meet mentoring needs may vary during the semester.
  6. Participate in departmental student reviews.
  7. Assist the department, as appropriate, in determining equipment and facilities needs and in maintaining the operational readiness of equipment and facilities.
  8. Participate in preparing departmental budget submissions.
  9. Assist in coordinating and encouraging student participation in departmental exhibitions and outreach.
  10. Participate in the department’s student recruitment activities.
  11. Assist, as appropriate, in obtaining outside funding to support the department’s educational program.