Where Do I Find Help with Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Help is a place for both students and instructors to find help with Blackboard LMS and associated products such as Blackboard Collaborate. You will want to bookmark this page once you navigate to it. Upon entering Blackboard Learn Help for Instructors, you will notice that some help guides include instructions for basic Blackboard Learn and ULTRA. Your institution uses basic Blackboard Learn, so you should disregard ULTRA-related instructions.

Visit https://help.blackboard.com/ for help directly from Blackboard professionals.

Blackboard Help also has a series of video tutorials organized into playlists at Blackboard Learn Videos for Instructors. If you choose to access these videos directly from YouTube, be careful to choose “Blackboard Learn With the Original Experience” playlists and avoid “Blackboard Learn With Ultra Experience” playlists.

As you navigate the topics, you’ll notice that some functions are reserved for administrators. Keep in mind that you are enrolled in the LMS as an instructor, rather than as an administrator. As such, you will need to contact your LMS administrator to request any administrative changes.