How Can I Share a File From Google Drive to My Blackboard Course?

We strongly suggest you create a folder on Google Drive specific to your current course. For a Fall 2020 course, consider a folder named using the ID of your Blackboard course (example: 20FA-DFN-119-A).

For this example, lets assume you are sharing your course syllabus. Save the file as a PDF. This will flatten the file so not edits can be made.

Right click on the file you wish to share and select “Get Sharable Link” from the drop menu.

Select “Get Shareable Link”.

In the new window that opens, consider who you wish to allow to see the file. In most cases you will want anyone at the College for Creative Studies to have access to the file as a viewer.

Select “Copy Link”.

Open your course in Blackboard and navigate to the area you wish to add the link.

For this example, the link will be shared under the Homepage.

Select “Web Link” under the Build Content menu.

Select “Web Link” to add the URL of your file.

In the “Create Web Link” window, you will need to enter a name for your link and paste in the URL of your file. Providing a description is also a benefit to the student but not required.

The name and URL are required fields.

Once you are done make sure to click Submit.

The file link will now be available for students to click.

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