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Thank you for visiting Teaching & Learning Resources at CCS to assist you in the design of your Winter 2021 courses. We are very excited to provide you the following 4 instructional videos.

  • 5 Required Features of Your Blackboard Course
  • Adding Assignments/Projects Link
  • Introducing Your Course
  • Adding a Content Folder
  • Creating a Simple Assignment

What is an LMS?

Unfamiliar with an LMS (Learning Management System)? Follow this Link that describes a more in-depth view of the functions, benefits, and best practices of using an LMS.

5 Required Features of Your Blackboard Course

Before you begin setting up your Blackboard course for the Winter 2021 session, please watch this short video that describes your navigation sidebar menu items. This video details 5 Required Features for Your Blackboard Courses. It will provide you quick step-by-step guide that includes what elements CCS requires for all Blackboard courses. Also, if you would like more information on the Navigation items covered in this video, please click on any of the links below.

Course Content
Grade Center
Course Calendar

Adding Projects/Assignments Link

Now that you have organized your navigation sidebar menu in Blackboard, you can also add a Projects/Assignments link. This is especially useful if your course has multiple projects or assignments that you want students to access quickly. If you are chunking your courses appropriately, you should have Weekly folders with those assignments embedded in them; however, you can also house your projects and assignments in this area. Watch this video to see how to add it to your menu!

Introducing Your Courses

Many of you may choose to introduce your Blackboard course live with students via Zoom. It is equally effective and purposeful to create a short introductory video that can be housed permanently on your Homepage in Blackboard. This video outlines the programs you can use to record your video, some tips on what content to include, and information on how to add or embed the video onto Blackboard. Please don’t hesitate to contact additional support.

Adding a Content Folder

In order to properly chunk your Weekly content, please watch the following video on how to add a Content Folder to your Course Content menu item in Blackboard.

Creating a Simple Assignment

Here is a great tutorial video on how to add an assignment into your Course Content. This is extremely useful because it highlights all the features you can incorporate in the assignment.

The Libraries at CCS

The Libraries at CCS can support you in many ways. The Library website has been completely remade and Library staff have developed subject-specific content, packaged into a multi-page guide, for each department. Department guides can be embedded into your Blackboard courses and will provide your students with the basic, relevant resources for starting their research, all within the Blackboard format (directions HERE).