Blackboard How-Tos

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Blackboard at CCS.  You may also find more help at Blackboard’s help page HERE.


How to Manage Your Course Announcements


How to Delete an Assignment

How to Add or Edit Details in an Assignment

How to Create a Peer Review Assignment


How to Create, Manage, and Maintain Blogs


How to Manage Your Course Calendar

Content Collection

How to Access and Manage Your Course Collection

Common Questions

How to Access Common Course Questions

Course Content

How to Chunk Your Course Material

How to Add Course Materials


How to Create a Discussion Assignment

How to Edit a Discussion

How to Reply to a Discussion as an Instructor

How to Assign a Graded Discussion to All Students or Small Groups

How to Require Students to Reply to a Course Discussion Before they See Other Replies


How to Send Messages to Course Users


How to Embed a YouTube Video

How to Add Images in the Blackboard Editor


How to Enter Grades in the Gradebook

How to Edit Grades in the Gradebook

How to Exclude an Assignment from the Final Grade


How to Create and Use Groups

How Groups Can Benefit Students