How to Create and Use Groups

Creating Groups

First, expand the Users and Groups menu.

Select “Groups.” (Figure 1)

Screenshot of Users and Groups menu.
Figure 1

Click “Create” from the Groups window (Figure 2).

Screen shot of Create Groups menu.
Figure 2

On the “Groups” page, select “Create” (Figure 3).

In the “Single Group” list, select “Self-Enroll” or “Manual-Enroll.” 

  • Manual Enroll – You choose the group members.
  • Random Enroll – The system chooses the group members.
  • Self-Enroll – The students enroll themselves. 
Screenshot of open Create Groups menu.
Figure 3

Type a name for your group and an optional description.

Choose whether the group is visible to students.

Select check boxes for the tools you want your students to access within the group (Figure 4).

Select the “Grade” option and the “Points possible” options if you want to grade student submissions.

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Figure 4

Click “Submit.”

Adding Users to a Group

If you chose “Manual-Enroll”

In the “Membership” section, choose “Add Users” (Figure 5).

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Figure 5

Search for and select students from the “Add Users” pop-up window (Figure 6).

Select “Submit”.

Screenshot of Add Users menu.
Figure 6

The list of selected users will appear at the bottom of the “Add Users” pop-up window.

If you chose “Self-Enroll”

Type a name and description for the group.

Choose the maximum number of members for the group (Figure 7).

Click the check box if you want students to see who is in the group prior to signing up.

Click the check box if you want to allow students to sign up from the groups listing page.

Click “Submit.”

Figure 7

Screenshot of Create Self-Enrollment Group pop-up window.

Removing Users from a Group

Only course instructors and administrators can remove students from groups. 

On the “Groups” page, select “Edit Group” in the group’s menu where you want to remove the user. 

On the “Edit Groups” page, select the “X” in a member’s row to remove them from the group.

Select “Remove All Users” to delete all the selected members from the group.

Click “Submit.”

Use Groups

The Groups page allows you to access all groups, group sets, and users. 

View Options Menu

The View Options menu allows you to see which groups have access to certain tools.

To make tools available, select the “X” in the tool’s column—a check mark will appear.

To make tools unavailable, select the “check mark” in the tool’s column—an X will appear (Figure 8).

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Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions allows you to create smart views in the Grade Center for each group. 

You can also use bulk actions to select multiple groups for deletion (Figure 9).

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