How to Create a Peer Review Assignment

Log into Blackboard.

Navigate to the class to insert the assignment.

From the Assessments menu, select “Self and Peer Assessment”

On the Create Self and Peer Assessment page, type a name and

Optionally, use Insert File in the editor to add files.

Set the Submission Start Date and Submission End Date.

Set the Start Date and End Date for the peer evaluations.

To Allow Anonymous Evaluations, select “Yes.”

To Allow Self Evaluations, select “Yes.”

Select “Yes” for Show Evaluation Results to Submitter to allow
submitters to view their own evaluation results.

For Number of Submissions to Evaluate, define how many tests each
student is expected to evaluate. The number doesn’t include the
creator of the assessment. If self-evaluations are the only kind you
want, type “0.”

Make the assessment available and, optionally, track the number of

Select the “Display After” and “Display Until” checkboxes to enable
the date and time selections. Display restrictions don’t affect
availability, only when it appears.

Select “Submit.”