How to Add or Edit Details in an Assignment

You can add details or edit your assignments.

  • Click the down-arrow next to the name of the assignment, you will see several options.
  • Move: relocate an assignment to another location within your course (e.g., from Week 2 to Week 3). When you move an assignment, it’s removed from its original course location, it is not a copy.
  • Adaptive Release: set criteria for when students can view the assignment based on date, group membership, grade, or review status.
  • Edit: change or add information such as assignment name, due dates, points, submission details such as number of attempts, and availability.
  • You can also choose to to add or create a Rubric. 

NOTE: If you change the instructions after students have accessed the assignment, any student who has already submitted their work will see the new instructions only if they attempt another submission.