About Waitlists in Self-Service

Registration waitlists have been enabled for some departments (ex: Illustration, Liberal Arts, and Foundations) on Self-Service. This will benefit students who need specific course requirements that have closed during the registration period. Students will have the opportunity to sign-up and wait for a closed course to open, taking the next available seat. Waitlists will only appear once a class is full/closed. Permission Forms for overloads will not be used for classes with the waitlist feature, students must select the waitlist option to attempt registration of the course. Waitlists operate on a first come-first serve basis.

Please be advised: Students should first attempt to complete registration using open/available sections in order to have an accurate number of registered credits for Financial Aid and billing purposes. If open courses are available, please register into open sections and waitlist preferred sections.

Waitlists will become available on the first day of registration.

Waitlists options will end on July 1.

Registration Requirements for Waitlisted Courses

Standard registration rules apply to enroll in waitlisted courses:

  • All prerequisites must be met to register a class online
  • Permission is needed to register sections that are restricted (by class level/by major)
  • Students cannot register with account holds
  • Registration is not permitted into multiple sections of the same course
  • Registration is not permitted into sections with day/time conflicts
  • Registration approval is needed for credit overload (taking more than 18.0 credits)

Waitlist FAQs

How do I sign-up for a waitlist?

Sections that are closed and have the waitlist option available, will display “this section has a waitlist” on the schedule page in Student Planning. Click “waitlist” to add yourself to the list.

If a course has a waitlist, a warning will be displayed that says "This section has a waitlist", and the number of waitlisted students will appear in the course section details. A "Waitlist" button will appear at the bottom of the course section entry in Self-Service.
How to add yourself to a waitlisted course section.

If I add myself to a waitlist, am I guaranteed enrollment into the course?

No. Waitlists operate on a first come-first serve basis. You should remain on the waitlist for courses that are “required” so the department can stay informed of the number of students that “need” a specific course.

How can I track the courses I have waitlisted?

Go to the Student Planning/Plan & Schedule page. On the right, above the scheduling grid, you will see the number of credits you have “planned”, “enrolled”, and “waitlisted”. Review each semester you plan to register and check the credits listed for Fall, Winter, and Summer as you make schedule adjustments.

Check for waitlisted credits in Student Self-Service by choosing the semester you are enrolled for on the left side of the "Plan your Degree and Schedule your courses" page. A count of waitlisted credits is displayed in the bottom right corner of the page.
How to check for waitlisted credits

Are waitlisted courses automatically registered?

No. Waitlisted courses are “planned” courses that cannot be registered until there is a seat available. Credits for waitlisted courses do not factor into Financial Aid, registered credits, or tuition charges until the course is officially “registered”. Work with your Financial Aid counselor if you have concerns about credits for aid eligibility or contact an Academic Advisor if you need other options to complete your schedule. Note: Registered courses in Student Planning will display as “green” and “registered”. Also see the number listed for “enrolled” credits.

How long will it take for seats to become available for a closed course?

It depends on the frequency of course drops for a section. Many sections close and reopen at various times during the registration period due to schedule changes. If you are unable to wait for an open seat, contact your Academic Advisor for assistance reviewing other course options to complete your schedule.

How am I notified when a course becomes available and how do I register the class?

Students are notified through their CCS email and should check it daily for notifications. The email will identify what course is available for registration along with the time-frame you have to register the course. The available section is updated on the Student Planning/Plan and Schedule page. Students will then be able to register the course or drop themselves from the waitlist if they no longer wish to add the class.

A registration deadline will be displayed at the top of a course section on your course planning page in Student Self-Service. Click the "register" button to register for a waitlisted section if it becomes available. Click the "Drop Waitlist" button only if you no longer wish to register for the class.
How to register or drop a waitlisted course section.

How long do I have to register into a course that becomes available?

Students are given a deadline of 2 days to register the course online, from the time they are notified. Check your CCS email often for notifications. View the waitlist registration deadline on your course planning page.

Am I automatically registered into the course when it becomes available?

No. Students are responsible for registering the course online by the given deadline.

What if I do not meet the prerequisites, or what if the course has other restrictions that prevent me from registering the course online?

You will need to follow the standard procedure seeking permission for registration approval using the Permission Form. You must still register the class by the deadline listed on your email notification.

What if I do not register the course in time, before my deadline date?

You are removed from the waitlist and the seat becomes available to the next student on the waitlist.

Can I rejoin a waitlist for a class?

Yes. You will be placed at the end of the waitlist upon rejoining. You may rejoin a waitlist if you have missed the opportunity to register a class or if you have removed yourself from a waitlist.

What if I decline to register the course after I have been notified that I can register the class?

If you decline and no longer wish to register, simply remove yourself from the waitlist. Students who have been notified and given the opportunity to add a class will be removed automatically from the list if they do not register by the given deadline.

What if I change my mind about the waitlist and no longer wish to register the class?

You may remove yourself from the waitlist at any time by clicking “remove…”

Can I waitlist more than one course at a time?

Yes. Please only select the waitlist options for sections that you need to take and truly plan to register.

What if I am notified to register a waitlisted class, but I have other sections waitlisted?

Register for the waitlisted course upon notification. If you are waitlisted for other sections of the same course (and selected alternative days/times) you should remove yourself from those waitlists if you no longer wish to add the sections. If you do not remove yourself, the waitlist process will still take place and you will be notified when those other sections become available for registration. If you do not register the course, the opening will go to the next student on the list.

What if multiple seats become available in a closed course? Can any student add the class?

No. Students will be notified of available seats for registration in order of request. If two seats are available, the first two students on the waitlist will be notified.

Do all classes have waitlists?

Not at this time, waitlists are currently available for Illustration, Foundations and Liberal Arts only.

Can I see who is on the waitlists for a course?

No. Students can only view their own waitlisted courses by checking Student Planning.

What if I have been waiting for a long period and have not been notified about available seats for a required course?

Then you may need to consider taking a different section. Select a different day/time for the course if the option is available. If the course is required for the upcoming semester and there are no other sections open, maintain your spot on the waitlist and contact the department to address the concerns. If the course is not required, then you may need to consider taking a different course. Contact your Academic Advisor for guidance or help with course selection options.